[Quiz] 49 Things you Have to Do in Crete

You may have visited Crete once, you may not. The only sure thing is that at the end you never come to Crete only once. We are here to bring you the Top 49 Experiences you should do on your first (or second, or third!!!) visit in Greece’s biggest island, Crete!

Things to do in Crete

Tick off the activities/experiences you have already done.

  1. Visit CretAquarium – one of the largest and most modern aquariums in Europe
  2. Walk to Elafonissi Beach – a tropical paradise
  3. Hike down to Seitan Limania beach with clear emerald water
  4. Be a Victoria Hislop’s character in “The Island”. Where? In Spinalonga of course
  5. Spend a night (and a day) without cars and any means of transportation in Loutro
  6. Learn about the bravery of Cretan People in the Sacred Monastery of Arkadi
  7. Swim in the green waters of Voulismeni Beach near Agios Nikolaos
  8. Visit Knossos Palace. The ruins of the Minoan Civilization
  9. Walk the Samaria Gorge. Altitude of 1250m & 18kms long
  10. Appreciate Crete’s history in Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum
  11. Pray with a unique view in Moni Preveli (Monastery)
  12. Take your kids (or yourself) to a day of fun in a WaterPark (Acqua Plus, Watercity or Limnoupolis)
  13. Become hippy of a day in Matala
  14. Rent a pedal boat in Kournas Lake
  15. Check Fodele. The birthplace of Domenikos Theotokopoulos (aka El Greco)
  16. Reach the top of Lassithi Mountain to see the Zeus Born Cave -Dikteon Cave- and enjoy the view in Psichro
  17. Visit Kritsa Monastery and buy ceramics on your way out.
  18. Have a relaxing coffee or tea in Agios Nikolaos Lake
  19. Party like there is no tomorrow in Malia or Chersonissos
  20. Be romantic. Get an evening Horse Carriage in Chania Old Town Harbour
  21. Taste the chocolate pie in Koukouvagia Cafe in Chania – BTW great view
  22. Get the best Cretan food in Anogeia or Geni Gkave
  23. Foam party in Star Beach Waterpark in Chersonissos – 3 times a week
  24. Visit the museum of Nikos Kazantzakis in Myrtia
  25. Kitesurf in Falasarna
  26. Sunbath in Vai Beach – Finikodasos
  27. Take the ferry from Ierapetra to Chrissi Island. Spend as much time as you can!
  28. Watch the 10.000 Windmills in Lassithi Plateau
  29. Be a guest in a trandition Cretan Wedding
  30. Join a summer festival anywhere in Crete – Matala Festival, Dafnes wine festival, Yakinthia, Houdetsi or Festivalaki-
  31. Visit Santorini for a daily boat trip
  32. Eat Crete’s biggest Crêpe in Rethymno – Crêperie Harris
  33. Forget Mousaka, eat Gyros or Souvlaki in Lion Square in Heraklion
  34. You know Frozen Yogurt? It comes from Greece! Slurp it then!
  35. Admire the nature and waterfalls in Argiroupoli, near Rethymno
  36. Buy Cretan Herbs in Kouses Village in Messara
  37. Visit the pirate island of Gramvousa
  38. Cruise to Balos Beach from Kissamos
  39. Shop at Chania’s Indoor Market
  40. Trekking in Agiofarago (Gorge of Saints)
  41. Admire the 2000 Years old Tree in Vlatos Kissamos
  42. Learn the history of humankind in Homo Sapiens Museum
  43. Dine like a local Cretan in Archanes
  44. Choose your favorite Cretan Wine in a local winery
  45. Forget Syrtaki! Learn how to dance “Siganos”, “Chaniotis” and “Pentozalis”
  46. Never forget the fallen soldiers! Souda Bay War Cemetery
  47. Visit the Turking Mosque in Ierapetra
  48. or the Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Chania old town
  49. Return to Crete on more time because you loved it so much the previous time

You have experienced cool things in Crete!
Quiz: How Cretan are You?
You’ve ticked a few things off the list, but there’s still loads more you have to visit. Why not start off with something simple and easy? How about a dinner in Archanes! The most tranditional village in Crete. Or eat Gyros in Heraklion’s Lion Square? There, most restaurants are Tripadvisor recommended.
You have experienced cool things in Crete!
Quiz: How Cretan are You?
You’ve got a few stamps in your “Cretan passport” and are heading straight to become a Cretan citizen. Why not visit next a little more off the beaten track place? Dance “Pentozali” in the summer festival in Houdetsi or Wine fetsival in Dafnes.
You have experienced cool things in Crete!
Quiz: How Cretan are You?
You’ve been well and truly bitten by the Cretan travel bug. You’ve done it most of our list – and propably bought the “Raki: Connecting People” t-shirt. Right? We’re probably preaching to the choir here, but why not try off-touristic destinations, like Agiofarago trekking? What? Not a trekking fan? Samaria Gorge then… The lazy road of course!
You have experienced cool things in Crete!
Quiz: How Cretan are You?
Wow! You’re a Cretan citizen already. You know Crete like the back of your hand. However, look twice and there might be a spot or wrinkle that you’ve overlooked. How about exploring Crete for a second/third/fourth time? Change you budget: Be poor for a day in Crete. Or, for a change, be rich for a day. You know that Crete combines all sizes of wallets/budgets and all types of vacation! Mountain and beach, partying or family gateways!
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