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6 Amazing Boat Trips in Crete

Boat Trips in Crete Island

Crete is the sensation of beauty and majesty which makes it famous and worth travel for everyone. Crete never stop to fascinate you with all its fantastic style to landscapes or people. Crete is one of the biggest islands of Greece and has the perfect share from the lovely seashores and the mountain villages which stands it out from other islands. Planning a travel trip to Crete on a boat or cruise is the decision of lifetime you would take as this will take you to a slow trip to heaven experiencing some of the finest places on Earth.
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Top 10 Natural Landmarks in Crete for Tourists

Natural Landmarks in Crete

Looking for a place filled with beauty to relax your mind and give you peace? Crete – A place that simply has it all that you are looking for. Located in Greece, Crete is a largest island ranging from White Mountains to fine beaches to spend your vacations. The place itself has a lot of significance as being a part of Greece, from its cultural heritage, Minoan Civilization and its natural beauty landmarks. Let’s have a look at the Natural Landmarks of Crete to spend a peaceful vacation that are a soothing sight for your eyes. Continue reading

Tips for a Safe Road trip with Kids

Tips for a Road Trip with Kids

You wake up one morning and you want to escape just for a few days. You want to put some of yours and your children’s clothes in a bag end leave for a few days. You found your destination, you booked your hotel, but you are troubled by the car ride since it’s not exactly the best thing for your children. Follow the these tips and be prepared to face everything a road trip with small children reserves for you. Continue reading

[Guide] How to Find our Car Rental Spot at Heraklion Airport

From today we change the way we meet our clients at Heraklion Airport.

Read the directions on the video to reach us at Heraklion Airport

Step 1: ► Exit the arrivals hall & start walking to your right
Step 2: ► Exit through the small door & walk across the street
Step 3: ► Reach the bus stop & turn right
Step 4: ► Walk along the side walk for approximately 50m
Step 5: ► Enter the parking through the ramp on your left
Step 6: ► You are here!
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