Karteros Gorge

The Karteros Gorge is considered to be an enchanting area. The Karteros Gorge is well-known for having a nature-centred ambiance, amazing myths, and rich culture. Karteros Gorge is described to be filled with green views, springs, and small lakes. On the other hand, the rock formations in the surroundings leave visitors with an astonishing impression. The Karteros Gorge is an area that lies 1.5 kilometres east of the city of Heraklion. The gorge does not stand on its own, since it is a component of a much larger group of gorges and gorges. It is a part of a wider geological complex together with Astrakiano Gorge and Kounaviano Gorge. The Karteros Gorge has five primary entrances that tourists are allowed to take. These five entrances include Karteros village, Aitania village, Ag. Paraskies, Kato Astrakoi, and the flatland of Peza. There are tons of things found in the Karteros Gorge that represent its past civilisations very well, such as the watermill system, ruins of Basilica, and the church of Panagia, among others.
Tourists are capable of accessing the Karteros Gorge via Crete car rental. The Karteros Gorge’s roads are well-established and do not cause any problems to tourists, especially when they opt to use car rentals. There are a lot of the best vehicles in Crete that are available for rent and offered by car rental companies. Their prices vary depending on the duration of the rental, location, itinerary, and the capacity of the vehicle itself. A family of tourists is allowed to rent a car for a day or a week, it depends entirely on their preferences and needs. It is very beneficial and advantageous to choose Crete car rental when going to Karteros Gorge since tourists have the capacity to maximise their time. Instead of settling for public transport, which is pretty inconvenient, tourists have the opportunity to travel around the place of Karteros Gorge with more time and freedom.

What is the history of Karteros Gorge?

The Kateros Gorge is a beautiful place located a mile and a half away from the Villa Agrelia. The Karteoros Gorge is described to be a gorgeous place that is full of natural scenery, astonishing geomorphological characteristics, and a very rich and dominant culture. The history of Karteros Gorge is traced back to the origin of the name of the place. The name Karteros was derived from the Byzantine General that had entered the area together with a group of the army. The reason they got off the Karteros Gorge is that they wanted to free Crete from the Arabs Sarakinoys Koyrsarous, which held the island from 824 to 961 a.C. There are no further details regarding the aftermath of the said encounter and the subsequent events that happened in the Karteros Gorge. However, the remains of infrastructure proved its rich history.

What is the archaeology of Karteros Gorge?

The archaeology of Karteros Gorge is the following: old buildings like some old and ancient churches built on top of rocks, ruins, and old watermills. These archeological artefacts and footprints both contributed to the beauty of the place and the representation of its rich history. It was concluded that the Karteros Gorge had been civilised centuries ago. According to experts, the Karteros Gorge has been densely populated by humans due to the establishments and infrastructure that have been built in the area. Unlike other gorges, the Karteros Gorge was properly organised and civilised when people were still settling in the area, mainly because the structures built symbolise the daily needs of humans.

What are the myths about the Karteros Gorge?

The myths about the Karteros Gorge are listed below.

  • The Birth of the Goddess Athena: The Karteros Gorge has several rivers, and one of which is said to be where the goddess Athena of Athens was born. It is where Zeus gave birth to Athena.
  • The Myth of Thiseas: The myth of Thiseas revolves around the story of the son of Athens’ King named Aegeas. It was said that Thiseas arrived at the beach of Amnissos. Thiseas brought 7 young boys and 7 young girls to be prey in Minotavros.
  • The Myth of Odysseus: Odysseus’ myth is about the arrival of Odysseus in the Karteros Gorge. Odysseus was said to be on the adventure of going back to Ithaca after the Trojan War.

How was Karteros Gorge formed?

The Karteros Gorge has been formed naturally-formed by Earth’s geographical movements. The Karteros Gorge is a product of several changes in the Earth’s surface such as tectonic plate movements, plate convergence, erosion, and much more. Apart from that, the influence of ancient civilisations gave a major contribution to the place. The ruins and other archaeological artefacts found within the area are the remains of the people that once lived in the Karteros Gorge. Hence, the Karteros Gorge is a place of scientific beauty, historical value, and cultural identity.

How is the Karteros Gorge preserved?

The Karteros Gorge is preserved via Law 3028/2022 by the Council of Europe Legislation. It is a law that states “On the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage in General” and has been implemented by which any historical and cultural places are protected in the highest way possible. The law has a wide scope that includes both movable and immovable structures, even intangible ones. The Karteros Gorge is one of the most significant and popular Gorges in Crete, Greece. The Karteros Gorge plays an important role both in history and culture. It provides an adequate contribution to economic growth and stability. Hence, the Karteros Gorge must be preserved for the benefit of all.

How does the Karteros Gorge map look?

Shown below is the map of Karteros Gorge.

Karteros Gorge Map

What are the hiking routes in Karteros Gorge?

The hiking route of the Karteros Gorge is the Elea – Episkopi. The other name of the Elea – Episkopi is Olive – Diocese. The Elea – Episkopi is the only hiking trail found in Karteros Gorge. However, it is a long one, and it takes a lot of time to accomplish. It is a 53.4 kilometres route and is considered to be a loop trail. The Elea – Episkopi’s scale of difficulty is easy. Hence, almost every type of hiker is welcome in the area, including beginners and kids with extreme supervision. Biking is allowed on the hiking trail of Elea – Episkopi.

How long is the hike to Karteros Gorge?

The average time to finish hiking to Karteros Gorge is around 13 hours and 25 minutes. However, it is anticipated to take less or greater time depending on the expertise and experience of the hikers. Another factor for the changes in the duration of hiking in the Karteros Gorge is the changing environment, such as the weather. Usually, it consumes a longer time to finish when the weather is harsh. The Karteros Gorge hiking trail is 53.4 kilometres which is lengthier compared to other gorges and gorges, and thus requires a high amount of time.

Do you need a guide to hike the Karteros Gorge?

No, hikers do not need to have a guide to go hiking in the Karteros Gorge. The Karteros Gorge is a lengthy journey, but it is considered to be an easy one. The Karteros Gorge is not similar to other gorges and gorges that are shorter but are very difficult and impose danger to hikers. It has less potential risk and hazard, so a guide is no longer needed, especially for experienced veterans. However, if the hikers chose to have a guide, it is better because they have someone to accompany them and be able to do faster hiking.

What are the risks in hiking Karteros Gorge?

The first risk of hiking in the Karteros Gorge is getting lost. The Karteros Canton is a long loop of hiking trails, which means getting lost in the area is highly possible, especially if hikers are not serious about their journey. It is very important to keep track and never go to any places that are not included in the route to avoid being in danger along the way. The second risk of hiking in the Karteros Gorge is getting hit by a rock or getting slipped. The Karteros Gorge has several rocks ranging from small to large. Falling rocks from the top are common and not being careful is risky since it usually lands on hikers that are unaware. These rocks cause hikers to be slipped, particularly the small rocks. On top of that, muddy soil is slippery, which hikers must keep in mind. The third risk is having medical issues during the middle of the journey. Having heat stroke or being dehydrated is very common in hot weather. Hikers and bikers are advised to bring water with them to aid them when they are hiking or biking. On the other hand, hypothermia is expected when the cold season is dominant. Thus, bringing thick clothes such as jackets is highly recommended.

Karteros Gorge

When is the best time to visit Karteros Gorge?

The best time to visit Karteros Gorge is between the tail-end and autumn seasons. The month of March is known to have very good weather. The temperature within the month of March is adequate for all types of hikers. It is the tail-end of winter, by which the temperature starts to rise. The temperature in March is approximately 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the month of November is the season of autumn in Karteros Gorge, which is considered to be the best season in the area. It is a season that is known to be great since there is less  rain and blisters. Apart from that, the overall aesthetics are beautiful, which makes the feeling more serene due to the dried leaves in the surroundings. The usual temperature during autumn  in Karteros Gorge in November is around 18 to 22 degrees Celsius.

What are the things to bring when visiting Karteros Gorge?

The things that hikers must bring when visiting Karteros Gorge are footwear; a hiking backpack; a compass; clothes, especially a jacket and pants; water and food; tools, and knives. Having footwear in Karteros Gorge is very significant because of the harsh ground filled with mud, rocks, and other slippery or sharp objects. Hikers must choose durable and lightweight footwear for security, convenience, and comfort. They must bring with them a backpack to contain their other important stuff and tools. A backpack is the most recommended since it is easy to carry. Clothes are required, especially since the journey is a long one. The hikers and bikers must be able to secure clothes such as jackets and pants that are capable of withstanding harsh weather and the environment. Additionally, water and food are things that must not be missed. Water is very essential as it provides hydration and keeps hikers away from heatstroke. Meanwhile, food offers enough energy and strength to help hikers maintain consciousness and make  their conditions great. Lastly, tools and knives are things that are commonly needed in hiking. These tools and knives are extremely useful for survival and in unexpected or unfortunate circumstances.

What are the nearby attractions in Karteros Gorge?

The nearby attractions in Karteros Gorge are listed below.

  • Amnissos Beach: Amnissos Beach is considered by tourists to be an underrated tourist attraction. Amnissos Beach is described to be a place with gorgeous white sand and clean blue water. The waves are friendly and safe for kids with supervision since they are not huge. However, they are not suitable for surfing. Amnissos Beach is 9 kilometres away from the city of Heraklion.
  • Heraklion Archaeological Museum: The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is popular for being one of the oldest and most iconic infrastructures of Greece. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum contains collections of Minoan archaeological artefacts and arts. It is a centre of Minoan culture.
  • Minoan Palace of Knossos: The Minoan Palace of Knossos is the remains of the ancient civilisations of Minoans. The Minoan Palace of Knossos is found in the southern part of modern-day Heraklion, near the north coast of Crete.

What is the contribution of Karteros Gorge in the tourism of Crete?

The contribution of the Karteros Gorge to the tourism of Crete is seen primarily in tourism. The Karteros Gorge is a very popular place among tourists and hikers. Its beauty together with its rich culture and history are very attractive among tourists. It is visited by thousands of people in Europe and the world every year. The profit of the Karteros Gorge has always been one of the major contributions to the economy of Crete. The Karteros Gorge plays a vital role in the economy of Crete and Greece in general.

Karteros Gorge

Can you rent a car going to Karteros Gorge?

Yes, one is allowed to rent a car when going to the Karteros Gorge. Car rental in Karteros Gorge is highly beneficial among customers since it is pretty convenient compared to riding a public transport bus. It is a good option since it is highly accessible, especially for families that are visiting the Karteros Gorge. The Karteros Gorge’s transportation system has been developing due to its beautiful places that people often visit, which means renting a car within the vicinity causes no problems. There are tons of choices for car rental in Karteros Gorge, some even offer the cheapest prices.

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete?

The factors to be considered before renting a car in Crete are listed below.

  • Online Booking: Online booking must be considered by tourists since it is highly advantageous. Online booking makes them save tons of money and time compared to in-person booking. The reason for that is that there are a lot of discounts and deals, and tourists do not have to wait for cars to rent since they are already prepared and ready according to the schedule.
  • Insurance: Insurance is one of the most important things to be considered before renting a car in Crete. Car rentals in Crete require insurance for collision damage waiver which needs a credit or debit card that serve as a guarantee. Another option is to have full insurance without using credit cards or debit cards, but it comes with a more expensive price and must be acquired through Crete’s car rental company.
  • Driver’s Age: Driver’s age is an explicit requirement for car rental in Crete. Having a driver’s licence is not enough to be able to drive a car in Crete. A person must be at least 18 years old and has been able to acquire a driver’s licence for at least 1 year to be given permission to rent a car in Crete. Car rental companies require the renter to be at least 21 years old and to hold a driver’s licence for at least 1 year to be given permission to rent a car in Crete.
  • Car Type: Tourists must know which type of car they need to visit the Karteros Gorge. There are several types of cars that Crete car rental companies offer, which are capable of satisfying the needs of each tourist. Therefore, tourists must be able to identify how to choose the right car to rent in Crete so that they spend correctly and pick the car that accommodates them
  • Location of Car Rental: Car rental in Crete covers a wide range of places. Tourists are expected to rent from different areas in the town of Crete including Rethymnon, Heraklion, Chania, and other various places like Hersonissos and Agios Nikolaos. However, car rental services are strict when it comes to car returns. The rented cars must be returned to the designated places that the car rental company has stated. Tourists are allowed to return them wherever they want, but it comes with an expensive cost.

How much does a car rental in Crete cost?

The costs of car rental in Crete vary depending on the type of car, the location, the itinerary, and the duration of the rental. Usually, a Peugeot 107 is the cheapest one is able to find and rent. It has the capacity to accommodate at least 4 people and a maximum of 5. The price of a Peugeot 107 for a one-day Crete car rental is €28.4 and for one week, it is €199. On the other hand, if tourists want to have a bigger capacity car, especially when travelling as a family, the Volkswagen Golf Variant is the best choice. It has the capacity to contain at least 5 passengers or up to 6 depending on the body size of each person. The price of ​​Volkswagen Golf Variant is an average of €55.6 on a daily basis and €389 on a weekly basis. However, if travellers come in a big group, they must opt for the Volvo XC90 as it is a larger vehicle and has the capacity to provide seats for 7 or 8 passengers. Volvo XC90 car costs approximately €199 to €257 daily and €1799 if rented for 7 days straight. The location and itinerary of the Crete car rental vary depending on where the customer wants them to be. The customer has a wide selection of locations and itineraries, especially when booking online.

Is overnight car rental in Crete allowed?

Yes, overnight car rental in Crete is allowed. Almost all the car rental companies that are located in Crete are providing their customers with a lot of freedom. Tourists who are planning to rent a car in Crete are given the pure opportunity to choose when they are returning the car. Some car rental companies implement extra charges for overnight usage, while others do not, especially when the car was rented in the afternoon. Car rentals in Crete nowadays offer a 24-hour service to accommodate the customers’ needs.

Does renting a car provide you with the leisure you seek when travelling?

Yes, renting a car provides tourists with the leisure they seek when travelling. Crete car rental offers their customers great opportunities to achieve their leisure. Renting a vehicle enables tourists to have their time maximised at its best potential. They do not have to rush and follow certain schedules for transportation, since Crete car rentals are highly flexible. Apart from that, public transportation only reaches limited areas, whereas, in car rental, the tourists are able to go wherever they want as long as there are no restrictions.

What are the nearest traveller’s inns to Karteros Gorge?

The nearest traveller’s inns to Karteros Gorge are listed below.

  • Karteros Hotel: The Karteros Hotel is a 3-star hotel establishment located in Palea EO Irakliou Agiou Nikolaou 207, Karteros 715 00, Greece. Prices start from around €57.40. There are tons of amenities offered by the Karteros Hotel such as a pool, free Wi-Fi, a sandy beach, recreational activities, a playground, table tennis, and a free barbecue once a week. The Karteros Hotel has rooms that vary depending on the guests’ needs such as a single room with 2 person capacity, a double room with around 4-person capacity, and a triple room with a more than 5-person capacity. The Karteros Hotel is rated by its valued guests as 4.2 out of 5 stars.
  • Anemos Suites: The Anemos Suites is another 3-star hotel that is found around 0.3 kilometres away from the Karteros Gorge. The prices in the Anemos Suites vary from around €45.10. The Anemos Suites offers the following amenities: car transportation and rental, free parking, free Wi-Fi internet connection, a swimming pool, and much more. The rooms that are available in the Anemos Suites include two-room apartments with 4 maximum persons, studios with 3 maximum persons, and a deluxe sea view that accommodates 2 persons. The rating of the Anemos Suites is around 4.2 out of 5 stars.
  • Unique Blue Resort: The Unique Blue Resort is located in Ακτή, Karteroῦ, Iraklio 712 01, Greece. The Unique Blue Resort is a 5-star hotel. The services and accommodation offered by the Unique Blue Resort are priced starting from €169. The amenities that the Unique Blue Resort provides include, a Wi-Fi internet connection, breakfast, free parking space, an outdoor pool, and an air-conditioned room, among others. The available rooms are limited to single and double rooms, with around 1 to 2 persons allowed. The rating given to the Unique Blue Resort by its previous guests is an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Is it possible to hire a hiking guide in Karteros Gorge?

Yes, it is possible to hire a hiking guide in the Karteros Gorge. The Karteros Gorge has a hiking guide available for tourists to pay for and accompany them. The hiking route of the Karteros Gorge is a 54-kilometre trail, which is quite lengthy. Although the scale of difficulty in the Karteros Gorge’s hiking route is easy, the length and time it consumes is a serious thing to deal with. Beginners and hikers with children are recommended to hire a hiking guide. On the other hand, experienced hikers and bikers are not required.

What kind of car should you rent when visiting Karteros Gorge?

The kind of car that tourists should rent when visiting the Karteros Gorge varies based on their needs. A couple or a group of four must rent a car like the Peugeot 107 because it has a small capacity that is around 4 persons. It is a subcompact type of car with an 800 kg weight capacity. Meanwhile, a family tourist must select Volkswagen Golf because it is capable of giving comfort and convenience to 5 or more passengers, which highly depends on the body type and size. Volkswagen Golf is a hatchback type of vehicle available in car rental Crete. The weight capacity of the Volkswagen Golf is 2,140 kg. Tourists that are in large packs must pick an SUV-large-type vehicle like Volvo XC90, mainly due to its larger capacity. Vehicles like Volvo XC90 are able to support 7 adult passengers with a maximum weight capacity of 2267.962 kg. It is expected that Volvo XC90 handles more than 7 passengers, especially if there are thin people and children.

Can elderly people hike the Karteros Gorge?

Yes, elderly people are allowed to go hiking in the Karteros Gorge. The Karteros Gorge’s hiking trail which is the Elea – Episkopi or Olive – Diocese is completely bearable for all types of hikers including children and the elderly. It is considered to be an easy hiking spot. There are no difficulties expected along the way except for the long route and some misleading paths. As long as the necessary things are carried out, there is nothing to worry about.

Can a couple hike the Karteros Gorge?

Yes, a couple is capable of hiking the Karteros Gorge. Couples are in fact an advantage since they are accompanying each other in their journey compared to hiking solo. However, couples must be extra careful since the risks and dangers are higher when the tourists are lesser. Couples must bring essential things such as food, water, clothes, and tools to ensure their convenience and security. Although couples are allowed, it is still better to go hiking in groups, mainly because it is much safer.

Is hiking Karteros Gorge child-friendly?

Yes, hiking in the Karteros Gorge is child-friendly. The Karteros Gorge does not have any severe potential risks or hazards compared to other gorges and gorges. Children are allowed to go hiking in the Karteros Gorge, similar to the case of the elderly. However, tourists must still be able to implement extreme supervision when they go hiking with their kids. There are still major consequences and accidents that are expected once tourists are negligent.