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Explore Crete as a big family with a Minivan rental!

Looking For a Minivan Hire In Crete, Greece?

Are you looking for minivan hire in Crete Greece? You have come to the right place. Stretch your legs out and drive in comfort and luxury - enjoying the scenery and smooth ride - when you choose Rental Center Crete to cater to your needs. Our luxury vans are perfect for formal occasions as well as sightseeing in comfort.

Happy family in a minivan while on holidays in Crete

Whether you want to escape your busy life, have fun for a week or two with your family or create long-lasting memories, the island of Crete is an exotic destination for you and your loved ones. You might be considering an extended stay in Crete to work or enjoy an endless vacation. Whatever your reasons to visit Crete, you need a reliable way to get around once you arrive at Crete. That's where Rental Center Crete comes in handy. We are a trusted name in Crete Greece for all your van rentals needs in the region. Call us today for all your luxury van hire in Crete.

Our Rental Center In Crete

Rental Center Crete has been supplying minivan rentals in Crete for over 45 years. In fact, we serve the most popular destinations and major towns in Crete. When you want a safe and comfortable van in Crete, you don't have to look further than Rental Center Crete - Car hire. Whether you plan to visit Crete for business, leisure, work, or retirement, having access to a minivan is ideal to freely move around in Crete. Our luxury van rentals will let you explore the island at your own leisure. In fact, you will benefit from the security, convenience, and comfort provided by our team. You can travel at your own pace and take as many detours as you like when you hire a luxury van from us. Call Rental Center Crete today for all your luxury van hire in Crete.

Rent a minivan in Crete

Why Choose Us?

Rental Center Crete has been providing long-term van hires in Crete since 1975. We have been able to guarantee excellent customer service and provide our clients with the vans they need during this time. We understand the needs and value of our clients and are prepared to walk that extra mile to satisfy their needs. We provide the following guarantees when you hire a luxury van from us:

  • Insurance - We provide premium insurance with all our vehicles. Check more on our insurance coverings page.
  • Flexible Payment Options - You just pay a small deposit when booking the van and the balance could be paid in monthly instalments. We accept many forms of payments such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and cash.
  • Free Cancellation - When you book with us, you can cancel the booking at any time within 48 hours with no charge.
  • Selection Of Vehicles - All our vehicle models are up to date and in great condition. You can choose from a wide range of safe vans.

Call Rental Center Crete today for all your minivan hire in Crete.

Minivan hire in Crete

Questions for renting a Minivan in Crete!

How many people can your minivans accommodate?
Our minivans are 7 and 9 seaters.
Do I need a special driving licence to drive a minivan in Crete?
No, your normal driving licence that allows you to drive a simple car is enough to allow you to drive a minivan in Crete Island.
How much does it cost to rent a Minivan in Crete?
The smallest minivan (7 seater) is available from €47 / day. That's a Group H car like Volkswagen Caddy or Fiat Doblo with Manual Gearbox.

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