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Car Hire Rethymno and Explore Crete

car rental rethymno / Rental Center Crete

Rethymno is one of the most convenient cities of Crete to get around due to its highly active and convenient transportation systems. You can get various buses and cabs that will take you on tour across the city. It is fairly easy to get anywhere with cheap fares. However, they are bound by the fixed routes and won't take a detour for you. One of the best ways to explore Rethymno is with a car hire. The magic and beauty of the city will captivate you with a personalized experience of car rental.

If you truly wish to have a true experience of a Rethymno, then Rental Center Crete is your best option for a car rental in Rethymno and provides you with only the most comfortable options. Our services are designed to be flexible and meet your individual needs.

Rethymno Sky view

Advantages of Crete Hire In Rethymno are

  • Exploring the city in the unparalleled comfort of your own vehicle.

  • No more hustle-bustle of public transportation.

  • No more extensive waiting period or long queues to hinder your experience.
  • Additional options to discover and explore new places that public transportation might not cover or take longer to arrive.
  • Satiate the thirst of your wanderlust by embarking on a trip that covers less-traveled roads.
  • More importantly, complete control over your vehicle, to decide where you go and how you go.
  • We can offer you an excellent and friendly driver, if you need that, without excessive extra cost.
  • No credit card required for either booking or renting. You can use a debit card too.

Overall, you receive only the most authentic experience of Rethymno, which covers the entire island full of exotic sights. You receive an opportunity to explore the most sought after locations across Crete.

Large fleet

Rental Center Crete brings you convenient options to select your perfect car from a wide range. With our Rethymno car hire, you can choose from:
• A compact sized vehicle
• Full-sized sedans
• Family vehicles, vans and minibus
• Smart cars
• Off-road vehicles such as SUVs
• Robust performers like jeeps for a true 'tropical' experience.

We also offer an option to rent a new car. Thus, the choices are not limited to our Rethymno car hire. However, if you decide to explore the website and book online, then you will receive some of the most enticing offers. With advanced booking, you can set the pick-up date and time. More importantly, our services are designed to be punctual and pocket-friendly.

Neratzes Mosque in Rethymno

Working 24/7 For You

We are available for service with car hire Rethymno for all seven days of a week. Thus, we do not take any day off because, for us, traveling is a rejuvenating therapy. Similarly, we hope to deliver you a reminiscing experience. If you are ever stuck in an emergency situation, you can contact us at any time of the day. Regardless of the weather, we will take prompt actions to be available for you.

Although we maintain impeccable quality for vehicles, breakdowns are often unpredictable. If you're stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you can call us. We are a reliable Rethymno car hire across Greece. Contact us at +30 2810 240 120, and we will dispatch a staff member immediately.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer customer-centric service and seek to offer the utmost satisfaction on your stay on the island. Our attention towards your convenience differentiates us from other Rethymno car hire across Greece. One of the prevalent factors is the option of various payment modules. Whether you use a credit card or online banking, we are flexible.

We support various banks and like to keep up with the upgraded payment systems. Therefore, we take deliberate measures to stay up to date with the latest options. It is to ensure the monetary transaction from you remains optimal. So, feel free to either have an advance booking and pay later, or make payment with our budget-friendly rental car.

We Go Where You Want To Go

From Chania Airport to across the Island of Rethymno, we travel everywhere. We cover all of the prominent, and rare locations across Rethymno, Greece. As our esteemed guest, you have rights reserved to explore the beauty of these places according to your terms, and we are here to assist you in this endeavor. Therefore, you can hire our car on rent and venture out wherever you desire.

Car hire in Rethymno - beach road

Reasons to rent a car in Rethymno

There can be many compelling reasons for car hire in Rethymno. Have a look at some of the topnotch reasons that will turn your trip into leisure:

  • You have the option to venture further inland of the island with an abundance of time. This allows you to witness the most mesmeric and elegant sightseeing trails.
  • A car rental offers you an option to interact with local folks. You can visit the farms and enjoy the fragrance of olives from olive trees.
  • You can visit the local churches vibrantly embellished for the people of faith in Rethymno
  • Further extending, you can move to Kourtaliotiko and Myli Gorge, the two most spellbinding gorge regions across Island

So grab your driving license and get a new car on rent with Rethymno Car Hire service. It's time for you to enjoy opulent service on an exuberant island with a perfect car hire.

About Rethymno

Old Town of Rethymno

Rethymno retains its mellow provincial air, despite being the third-largest town in Crete. With an atmosphere far from the cosmopolitan charms of Chania and Heraklion, Rethymno serves as a quiet haven for those who want to escape the noises and the chaos of the city. Exploring this well-preserved town using a car, you will catch a glimpse of its old Venetian and Turkish influences, from the old buildings of the Old Town to the charming coastal villages where a unique mix of historical and cultural influences can be seen and felt.

Rethymno has some unique charms that separate it from the rest of Crete. Old Town Rethymno, has a peculiar mix of Minoan, Roman, Venetian, and Ottoman cultures and influences, due to its rich history of being under these empires.

Rethymno is also home to one of the best beach areas in Crete, which begins in the town and extends for several miles to the east. Explore further the rocky, unspoiled coastline, and you will discover a more secluded beach area towards Georgioupoli, some 5 miles west of the town.

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in Rethymno

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Rental Center Crete - Rethymno
Address: Rethymno, Rethymno, Crete, 741 00, Greece
Call Center: ☎ +30 2810 240 120
Email: rethymno@rental-center-crete.com
Hours of Operation: Mon. - Sun. 10:00 - 22:00 *
* A prior booking is required
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Client Reviews for Rethymno Car hire

10 ratings in Rethymno with average score of 94%

Eva L.
Car hire in Georgioupolis

I have used you before and there have never been any problem.

Goncharov O.
Car hire in Rethymno Downtown

Many thanks! Again excellent technique, excellent service. Good luck to you and good customers!

Mikas G.
Car hire in Rethymno Downtown

New car, delivery and collection at hotel

Cheap Car Rental Rethymno

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