10 Top Birdwatching sites in Crete

Top 10 birdwatching sites in Crete

Set on the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), Crete is a popular destination for the world’s most quintessential travelers — birds. Every year Crete hosts thousands of migratory species who are free to fly across hemispheres — sometimes just to meet their mates. (more…)


Samonas Traditional Villas: A Cretan Stay Experience

Samonas Traditional Villas in Chania Crete

Get to experience the traditional way of discovering Chania, one of Crete’s most inspiring prefectures. Chania is an enchanting location that simply has it all. A main harbor that is absolutely picturesque, where the passing of Venetian rule has left its permanent mark; positively striking, exotic beaches that will take your breath away and mountain landscapes covered in a veil of wilderness; a handful of traditional villages that nurture a sense of nostalgic yearning and embrace you with their congenial charm.  (more…)


Day Trip: Therisos Gorge

Chania Theriso Gorge Day trip

Three of Crete’s most authentic pleasures — rugged scenic beauty, inspiring heroic history, and finally a rustic meal of savory local meats, grilled on site, can be had in Therisos. This is the perfect place to gain a deeper understanding of Crete. (more…)


A Guide to Natural Crete

A guide to Natural Crete
Crete is a year-round destination for nature lovers. Whether you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday, a luxury retreat or an action-packed escape — Crete has all that and more.

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