Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport (CHQ) in Chania is the second international airport in Crete. The airport serves both the civil and military flights in Crete. Chania is in the southern part of Crete. Hence, if you intend to explore only the southern part of Crete, this is where you should come. If you have come for the purpose of going to the military base or sunny beaches, you can take services of Rental Center Crete.

When you are planning your itinerary to visit Chania, it is very necessary that you should keep a provision for hiring the car. There are various ways by which you can hire your car. You can pre-book your car online through any of the various portals that are present and offering the services, or through your travel agent. When booking your car hire in Chania Airport with Rental Center Crete or other firm, you should always negotiate the prices, as the agencies are open to negotiations. Also look out for the best deals and offers that the companies sometimes offer. Also be clear about the models they are offering and what your requirements are.

If, by chance you have not been able to book your car earlier, do not get disappointed. Most of the companies in Chania airport has their representatives at the airport, where you can get your car. If you intend booking your car at the airport, always prefer the smaller companies than the big companies, as the smaller companies offer cheaper cars as compared to the big companies. Also remember, that the small companies also offer the same or better services as compared to the bigger companies.

When you are negotiating your deal, remember to ask their policy of driving the car outside the city limits. This is important if you intend to thoroughly explore Chania and its surroundings. Also inquire about the policy on the late return of the car. Also remember to discuss your itinerary with the car hire agency, so that you do not land up having a city car for traveling to the rough terrain.

What is required by Rental Center Crete at Chania airport?

There are main two requirements of most of the agencies. The first one is the age. You should be above 21 years of age. There are a few car hire agencies that consider 25 as the minimum age, and charge a surcharge on the age less than 25 years and more than 21 years. The second most important requirement of the car rental crete chania is that you should be a valid driving license holder. Your driving license can be from United States or the European countries. If you do not have any of these then you should be in possession of a valid International Driving License.

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Before signing on the doted line of the contract papers, you should carefully read about the various terms and conditions of car hire crete chania airport and if there is any doubt get it clarified immediately. Also check the car externally for any visible damage marks, which if present should be notified immediately.

Once you have signed on the dotted paper, you have in your hands a very comfortable and reliable means of moving in Chania. Rental Center Crete in Chania gives you the travel comfort so that you able to traverse Chania’s excellent roads and well developed transport system.

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