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Most Exotic Beaches of Crete – Guide 2017

The Most Exotic Beaches in Crete

Crete itself being an island in Greece is known for its famous beaches whether they are big or small. They are best for spending a long day under the sun. You can spend really good summers here at the beaches of Crete if you are in to skinny dipping, water sports or just want to lay sun bathing yourself. So let’s discover the paradise in Crete and tell you about the most exotic beaches of Crete island.
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Why Crete? Reasons for choosing to visit Crete now!

Why visit Crete?

Crete is a magical amalgamation of everything that is worth calling “Beautiful”. Entailing glittery beaches, sturdy bays, beach-bar along with excellent nightlife, Crete is the largest island in Europe. Hunt on the reasons why you should travel Crete this summer. Diving in the blue and swimmable seas is an ultimate fun for every traveler heading to Crete. Who can resist themselves from dazzling mountain ranges, thrilling water-action along with serene locations? Continue reading

Crete 101: Useful Questions You’ve Never Asked About Crete – Information


There are probably many things you have thought about Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands; for example, what is the best beach and how long can you get off work to enjoy it? However, here we will answer some of the questions you’ve probably never asked about Crete. Continue reading