Crete Beaches from Rethymno to Chania

Crete offers plenty of tourist attractions, including its beautiful beaches that are accessible to their tourists. Both Rethymno and Chania are known to have amazing beaches with mesmerizing views. Rethymno is a fine-looking and relaxing place to visit. The beaches in Rethymno have golden sand and deep, clean water that is well maintained and conveniently located near the city’s facilities. While, in Chania, it also has a lot of beaches with turquoise crystal-clear water to dive in and white sands. Relaxing waters and heavenly sunset views can be experienced on their beaches that will make anyone fall in love with its beauty.

Listed below are the best beaches in Rethymno and Chania.

  • Elafonissi Beach: Elafonissi Beach is the most beautiful and breathtaking beach to see and experience. It has clear turquoise water with pink sands.
  • Balos Beach: Balos beach has been described as one of the best beaches in the world. It has light-blue clear water with white sand and an exceptional landscape.
  • Seitan Limania Beach: Seitan Limania Beach has an incredible landscape and can be seen as a majestic place. It has deep blue, crystal-clear water that is connected to the sea.

1. Elafonissi Beach

The Elafonissi Beach can be found on the southeast side of Crete, 75 kilometers away from Chania. Travelers won’t have a hard time entering the area of Elafonissi, as it has a paved road with good parking lots. Also, the beach has parasols, sun beds, beach bars, and toilets around the area. Elafonissi has a crystal clear sandy beach. The beach can also be overcrowded because of tourists who want to experience and see the pink sand of Elafonissi. If tourists decide to stay the night, there are plenty of hotels that are near and accessible to Elafonissi Beach, such as Panorama Hotel, and Aphrodite Beach Hotel. Elafonissi beach became so popular with tourists because of its unique pink sand and majestic landscape and view. It was also voted numerous times as the most beautiful beach in the world. Elafonissi beach received excellent reviews from a lot of tourists mainly because of their majestic experience. The best time for a tourist to visit the Elafonissi beach is around September and October, for autumn is an ideal time to swim. The water during that time is warm and calm. Wearing masks and social distancing on the beach is now lifted and no longer mandatory by the government of Greece.

Elafonissi beach

2. Balos Beach

Balos beach and lagoon is also one of the most beautiful beaches located 51 kilometers away from Chania. Tourists can choose to ride between a ferry or a boat from Kissamos to reach Balos beach. The facilities of the beach include, beach bar, toilets, changing rooms, umbrellas, and sunbeds. Balos beach is a sandy beach with turquoise, crystalline water. The beach can become overcrowded during the season of summer. And if tourists want to avoid the Balos Beach being too crowded, they can visit the beach during the 4th week of October to experience a quiet and relaxing place. Tourists can also stay at the Balos Beach Hotel and other nearby hotels such as Aphrodite Beach Hotel and Panorama Hotel. Plenty of tourists have already visited the beach and gave amazing reviews about it. The beach is truly breathtaking and impressive. Masks and social distancing are no longer required on the beaches of Crete.

Balos beach

3. Seitan Limania Beach

Seitan Limania Beach is 20 kilometers away from the southeast side of Chania and is mesmerizing and has a unique landscape that connects the beach to the deep sea. Unlike the Balos Beach, tourists are more able to comfortably reach the Seitan Limania Beach with cars. However, Seitan Limania Beach does not have any facilities, tourists may need to bring everything they need to the beach. The beach is mixed with white sand and stones on the side of the water. Tourists can also hike around the narrow gorge of the beach to see how beautiful the Seitan Limania Beach can get. Moreover, the beach can get crowded during July and August. Tourists should visit the beach earlier in May to June or September to October to avoid a lot of people and hot weather. Also, tourists can choose to stay in hotels that are near and accessible to the beach, such as, Kiani Beach Resort, Sunrise Suites, Halepa Hotel, and many more. Furthermore, the Seitan beach received excellent reviews from tourists primarily because of its incomparable landscape that brings visual aspects to the beach. Tourists are no longer required to wear a mask on the beach.

Seitan Limania Beach

4. Falassarna Beach

Falassarna Beach is located 59 kilometers west of the city of Chania. It has been awarded as the best beach in Crete island. Also, the Falassarna beach has a tropical vibe, beautiful turquoise water, and a sandy area. Moreover, it can be easily accessible with a car from Chania, as it has a good road connected to the beach. Falassarna beach has good facilities including showers, changing areas, tavernas, and a watersports center. According to the exceptional reviews of the tourists at Falassarna beach, it has incredible crystal-clear water with a clean area that feels like heaven. Tourists can stay in nearby hotels such as, Panorama Hotel, Aphrodite Hotel, and the Kavousi Resort. The best time for tourists to visit the Falassarna beach is during September for its calm and warm sea temperatures. Falassarna beach has no health protocols for tourists and locals to follow.

Falassarna Beach

5. Stavros Beach

Stavros beach can be nearly located in Chania, as it only has 17 kilometers of distance from the northeast of Chania. It has deep turquoise water and a sandy white beach. The beach can be accessed using cars and public buses from Chania. Tourists can also access Stavros facilities such as, sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, changing area, lifeguard, and watersports center. The beach is always crowded, so it is best to visit the place during April, May and October for good weather. During the visit to the Stavros Beach, it is best to stay in a nearby hotel for a fast way to the beach. Paradise Hotel Luxury Suites, Kavos Hotel & Suites, Blue Beach Villas Apartments, and a lot more are hotels that are closest to Stavros Beach. Stavros beach has also received good reviews by many tourists for its relaxing and excellent water activities.

Stavros Beach

6. Triopetra Beach

Triopetra Beach is perfect for anyone who likes a quiet and secluded beach with peaceful surroundings. The beach is located 48 kilometers away from the city of Rethymno. From Sachtouria or Akoumiani, the beach of Triopetra can be accessed by car through the paved road connecting to it. It has a parking lot, umbrellas, sunbeds, and showers. The rest must be bought by tourists because it does not have any facilities for food and drinks. The beach has a sandy and long type of beach with pebbles and rocks on the edges of its water. Big amazing rocks can also be found on the Triopetra beach. Moreover, this beach is quiet and peaceful and does not have too many tourists. All tourists have their own safe and quiet place because of the long beach that fits for everyone. Triopetra Beach has become popular because of its peacefulness and relaxation. It received a lot of excellent reviews from tourists because of how magnificent the beach is with crystal clear water and mesmerizing landscapes. There are also places a tourist can stay to easily access the beach of Triopetra, such as, Lenikos Resort, Hotel Glaros, Avra, Astoria Hotel, and a lot more. Furthermore, the best time for tourists to visit Triopetra beach is in April to November, as the waters are calm and warm. There are no health protocols in the Triopetra beach.

Triopetra Beach

7. Kalypso Beach

Kalypso Beach can be found on the southside of Rethymno, between the village of Plakias and Plakias beach. It has a paved road that can be easily accessed by cars. Public transport is not available to Kalypso beach, so tourists must drive on their own. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, snack bars, grilling area, changing area, toilet, and a dive center. The Kalypso beach is different from other beaches. It is sandy, but also has a lot of rocks. Also, the water of Kalypso beach has deep blue water that can be suitable for snorkeling activity. The beach can be crowded at times, as it has a marvelous setting that attracts a lot of tourists. Tourists have also recommended the Kalypso beach for its stunning landscape and fun water activities. Tourists can also stay in nearby hotels to avoid long trips. Hotel Alianthos Garden, Hapimag Resort Damnoni, and the Plakias Resort are the hotels that are less than a mile away from the Kalypso beach. The best time to visit the beach of Kalypso is in summer during June to September, which is perfect for any water activities. Kalypso beach is open for any activities and does not have any health protocol to be followed by tourists on the beach.

Kalypso Beach

8. Marathi Beach

Marathi beach is situated near Chania with only 17 kilometers from its east side. The Marathi beach can be accessed by the central road while following the street signs directly to the Marathi beach. Moreover, the beach has a lot of parking areas, sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets, and shower areas. It is a sandy beach with turquoise water that is refreshing and relaxing to dive in. However, it can get very crowded during weekends. It is best to visit the Marathi beach during weekdays of April for calm water and peaceful surroundings. The beach has received many tourists and excellent reviews from them saying how gorgeous and perfect the beach is for family vacation. Tourists can also stay at a nearby hotel on Marathi beach to avoid long drives and fast access. Kiani Beach Resort and Sunrise Suites are the closest hotels to Marathi beach, only less than four miles from the beach. There are no health protocols implemented in the beach of Marathi.

Marathi Beach

9. Platanias Beach

The Platanias beach can be found on the west side of Chania. It has a nice long sandy beach with vibrant green water. Also, the beach can be easily accessible by anyone who wishes to visit. Platanias beach offers the most necessary facilities for any water activities. It has beach bars, snack bars, lifeguards, sunbeds, umbrellas, shower area, toilet, and water sports. The beach is popular with tourists and received good reviews for its accessibility and extraordinary views. Additionally, the Platanias beach is not crowded because it is a long beach that can cater to everyone without crowding each other. The beach is suitable for family vacations or pure relaxation. Moreover, nearby hotels in Platanias Beach are available, such as, Esthisis Suites, Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, and Oscar Suites & Village, all less than a mile from the beach. The best time to plan and book a visit to Platanias Beach is in June or September. The weather during that month is a little hot, but bearable and perfect for those people who love to swim. Locals and tourists are free to swim in the area because social distancing and masks are no longer required.

Platanias Beach

10. Spilies Beach

Spilies Beach is located 15 kilometers away from the east side of Rethymno.  It has a paved road that gives access to anyone to enter the beach. On the beach, the tourist can also get access to its umbrellas, sunbeds, tavern, beach bar, and toilets. However, the beach has plenty of rocks that might not be suitable for kids. Waves are also huge on Spilies beach, but the gorgeous crystalline water and terrific views are totally worth it. Spillies beach can get crowded, especially during the summer. Tourists can find nearby hotels with best rated accommodations in Crete when visiting the Spilies beach. Iberostar Creta Panorama & Mare, Royal Blue Resort, Creta Star Hotel, and many more. Moreover, the beach has become popular because of its magnificent landscape that allows swimmers to swim through a cave and other cool water activities. Tourists have enjoyed the lovely beach, and its facilities, as well as the view it provides during sunset. The best time for tourists to visit the beautiful beach in Rethymno is in June to September, where the weather is good and has fewer crowds. There are no health protocols in Spilies Beach.

Spilies Beach

What is the best beach in Crete?

Crete is known for having plenty of exquisite and majestic beaches. Each side of Crete has different types of beaches to offer. White sand beaches and lagoons are found on the west, while the south has a unique pinkish beach. And, on the east side of Crete, is where lively beaches can be discovered. Moreover, the beach is a must-visit place during vacation, so it’s only fair for tourists to visit the best beaches in Crete.

Listed below are the best beaches in Crete.

  • Balos Beach: Balos beach is known for its turquoise, crystalline water and has a breathtaking landscape. It also has cream-colored sand that adds life to the beach.
  • Falassarna Beach: Falassarna beach has been voted as one of the best beaches in Europe. It has gorgeous crystal water and aesthetic white sand that captures the hearts of tourists.
  • Elafonissi Beach: Elafonissi beach is where tourists can find unique pink sand on the edge of its water. Also, its water is exotic and crystal clear.
  • Vai Beach: Vai beach is surrounded by plenty of palm trees, which adds relaxation to its tourists. It has soft and white sand with majestic crystal-clear water.

What is the most famous beach in Crete?

Crete has an abundance of beaches that result in being known around the world. Some of its beaches have been voted for being incomparable and have amazing views. These beaches are also full of tourists who want to experience the beach themselves.

Listed below are the most famous beaches in Crete.

  • Elafonissi Beach: Elafonissi is also popular in Crete as it ranks 24th in Europe while number 7th in the world of beaches. Almost every tourist in Crete visits Elafonissi Beach because of its pink sand that gives a heavenly feeling.
  • Balos Beach: Balos beach has been ranked 21st among the top beaches in the world. Balos gave justice to its rank by having majestic turquoise water with a natural exotic vibe. Tourists have been visiting the Balos beach, and it gets overcrowded.

Which is the most scenic beach?

Scenic beaches give a relaxing vibe to tourists, and it also gives happiness. It is important that a beach has majestic views and a peaceful place for everyone to truly enjoy the place. These beaches are perfect for relaxation, and meditation. Experiencing its scenic beauty might be the best thing to complete a vacation.

Listed below are the most scenic beaches in Crete.

  • Elafonissi Beach: Elafonissi has its majestic pink sand and crystal clear water that compliments the clouds and leads to fantastic views.
  • Balos Beach: The turquoise water, with its landscape and incredible views, is truly glorious. Its sunset has an incomparable beauty.
  • Vai Beach:  Vai beach has a tropical vibe that helps the tourists to relax and beautiful calm water to see.
  • Falassarna Beach: Day view of Falassarna beach brings out the relaxing, crystal-clear water. Its sunset is truly gorgeous and splendid.

Which is the best month to visit Crete?

May to June or September to October is the best month to visit Crete because the weather during these months is not too hot. May gives warmer temperatures for swimmers who do not like to swim in hot weather. Also, during this month, fewer tourists are traveling to Crete, which is perfect as it has quiet and peaceful beaches. However, summer or June to August is the tourist season in Crete, which means that a lot of travelers will visit different places in Crete. Accommodations will also cost higher than usual.

What are the top things to do in Crete besides the beaches?

Crete has many attractions to offer. Archeological sites, museums, and hiking should be the top things to do in Crete besides beaches. The island of Crete has plenty of historical ruins that will surprise each tourist. The palace of Knossos is also located in Crete that is definitely worth a visit.  Mythological stories can also be heard in some places in Crete, wherever a tourist goes. Their museums are full of exhibits from different eras, powerful history, arts, and culture. Hiking is also a must in Crete to fully explore the wonders of the island. There are mountains that hikers can visit, as well as the Mountain of Ida, where it was the legendary birthplace of Zeus. Tourists will truly enjoy their visit as there are many must-visit activities in Crete that await them.

What do you need to know about Crete as a tourist?

As a tourist in Crete, one must know where they want to go, specifically in Crete. Crete is the largest island in Greece and has plenty of attractions to visit. However, tourists need to know things about Crete before they decide on going. Also, there are a lot of Crete landmarks, monuments and historical points of interest that can guide a tourist for their visit.

Listed below are the things a tourist must know.

  • Weather: The weather in Crete will depend on what season of the month. June to August will be the hottest weather in Crete. It would also mean that is the best month for tourists to enjoy the summer vacation with Crete’s attractions. Fall season gives cooler weather and has fewer crowds in the area.
  • Accommodation: Crete has plenty of hotels anywhere in its cities. However, because of mass tourists, it is hard to find a hotel with available rooms. The best thing to do when planning to travel in Crete is to book a hotel in advance.
  • Transportation: Some public transportation in Crete is not available. The best option for tourists is to rent a car to fully explore and experience the island.
  • Attractions: Crete has plenty of attractions on different sides of the island. Even the smallest cities have attractions to offer to its tourists. Tourists will find historical ruins, beaches, arts, and museums, etc.

Do you need to rent a car to visit the Crete Beaches?

Yes, renting a car is necessary when traveling to the beaches of Crete. There are some beaches that are not accessible by public transportation, but a car can. Renting a car when visiting a beach will also guarantee the safety and comfort of traveling with companions. Also, cars can take anyone to any beach as long as it has a road and is perfect for other sightseeing plans.

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete?

There are things a renter should consider before renting a car to avoid faulty cars and have safe travel around the island.

Listed below are the things a tourist should consider before renting a car.

  • Insurance: Cars should have a Collision Damage waiver to save the renters from paying for the car if an accident happens. However, the insurance does not cover the damage to the mirrors and glasses of the car. Moreover, a driver’s credit or debit card as well as his or her license are required to be approved for rental.
  • Driver’s Age: To operate a rental car in Crete, the driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license for at least 12 months.
  • Driver’s Gender: Anyone who wants to rent a car can easily rent, as long as all required documents are prepared.
  • Car Type: There are plenty of car types to choose from and transmissions, so it is important that renters should rent a car that is suitable for the number of passengers, with extra room for luggage and other essentials.
  • Documents needed for renting a car: Renters must provide the following documentation for approval: driver’s license and credit card of the driver. It is to guarantee the return of the vehicle and that the driver has a license to drive in Greece.

How much does a car rental in Crete cost?

No matter what type of car, transmission, number of passengers, where to take the car, and how many days it will be rented. The price of Crete car rental usually starts at €30 to €40 per day and night. For a week’s trip, it can cost about €250. However, the price of it came with a good deal of a car with four doors and fully air-conditioned. Tourists can fully use the car anywhere as it has unlimited mileage included with the package of the vehicle. However, renters must return the car to the rental company with the same amount of fuel as when they rented it. If renters fail to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, the company will charge them an extra fee.

How does Covid-19 affect car rental in Crete?

Covid 19 pandemic influences’ car rental in ways that employees need to clean each vehicle after use and before they rent it to other tourists. The Greek Ministry of Health approves the materials used in cleaning the cars to guarantee the safety of renters. Also, the interior of the car rental companies must be cleaned and sanitized to prevent the transmission of the virus.

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