New Addition to our Fleet: Opel Cascada

Book your Convertible Opel Cascada on Rental Center Crete

We are proud to present the newest addition to our Car rental fleet “Opel Cascada” (or Vauxhall Cascada for UK). A fun convertible-coupe vehicle with automatic transition ready to drive 4 passengers in confort. We listed this car at Group L3. Cabriolet + Automatic. With amazingly low average consumption (6.3 litres/100km) you can combine a fun and economic adventure in Crete’s hidden treasures.

opel cascada hire in heraklion

Check what popular review website’s wrote about the new “Opel Cascada” which is exclusively availble in Crete island through Rental Center Crete

“ The Opel Cascada Cabriolet is the best-looking Buick ragtop you can’t buy-yet ”

“ The Cascada is certainly a good car in a strong position ”

“ Roomy interior with space for four adults, generous standard equipment, good refinement and stable handling ”

“ The Cascada actually is a good car, and a stylish one. The fabric roof – folding hard-tops are so last year – cuts a well-tailored silhouette. Inside, the dash is wrapped in stitched leather, and the rest of the cabin more or less lives up to it. ”

opel cascada for rent in crete


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