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  • Doors 5
  • Seats 5
  • Gearbox Manual
  • ABS Yes
  • A/C Yes
  • Airbag Yes
  • Fuel Type Petrol (Unleaded)
  • Driver's Age Minimum 23 years
  • Fuel Consumption
    4.52 l/100klm (52 MPG)
  • Fuel Consumption
    6.03 l/100klm (39 MPG)
  • Emissions CO2 125 g/km
  • Euro Standard Euro 5
  • Engine Power 98 HP / 99 PS
  • Acceleration 0-100km 13.1 seconds
  • Top Speed 109 mph / 175 kph
  • NCAP Safety Rating 5

Choose the Toyota Auris for your car rental in Crete and experience a car that perfectly balances comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency. This versatile vehicle has 5 doors and comfortably seats up to 5 passengers, making it ideal for families or groups of friends exploring Crete together. Enjoy the manual gearbox that provides a more engaging driving experience, while ABS and airbags offer increased safety for all occupants. The Auris also comes with air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during your travels in Crete's warm climate. With an official fuel consumption of 4.52 l/100klm (52 MPG) and a real-world rate of 6.03 l/100klm (39 MPG), the Toyota Auris provides a cost-effective solution for your car hire in Crete. The vehicle emits 125 g/km of CO2 and meets the Euro 5 emissions standard, showcasing an environmentally-friendly performance. Powered by a 98 HP engine, the Auris accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 13.1 seconds and reaches a top speed of 109 mph (175 kph), ensuring a smooth and responsive drive on Crete's beautiful roads. Drivers must be at least 23 years old to rent this car. Opt for a Toyota Auris when renting a car in Crete and benefit from its fuel efficiency, comfort, and impressive performance as you discover the island's stunning landscapes and attractions.

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How does the Toyota Auris provide comfort for families and groups of friends in Crete?

The Toyota Auris offers ample seating for up to 5 passengers, making it ideal for families or groups of friends traveling together in Crete. The air conditioning system ensures everyone stays cool and comfortable, even during the island's warmest days.

What other comfort features does the Toyota Auris offer to enhance the driving experience?

Additional comfort features in the Toyota Auris may include adjustable seats, power windows, and a modern infotainment system with connectivity options for smartphones. These amenities contribute to a more enjoyable and convenient driving experience during your travels in Crete.

What safety features does the Toyota Auris include to protect occupants during their travels in Crete?

The Toyota Auris is equipped with safety features such as ABS and airbags, which help protect all occupants in the event of a collision. These features provide added peace of mind for renters as they explore the island of Crete.

How do these safety features compare to other vehicles in the same class?

Compared to other vehicles in its class, the Toyota Auris has a competitive set of safety features. While the specific features may vary between models and manufacturers, the Auris offers a comprehensive safety package that makes it a reliable choice for car rental in Crete.

How does the Toyota Auris' fuel efficiency benefit travelers during their car rental experience in Crete?

The Toyota Auris' fuel efficiency, with an official consumption of 4.52 l/100klm (52 MPG) and a real-world rate of 6.03 l/100klm (39 MPG), makes it a cost-effective option for car rental in Crete. Travelers can save on fuel costs, allowing them to spend more on other aspects of their trip, such as accommodations, dining, and attractions.

What factors contribute to the Auris' fuel-efficient performance?

Factors contributing to the Auris' fuel-efficient performance include its aerodynamic design, efficient engine, and advanced technology systems that help optimize fuel consumption. These elements work together to provide an economical driving experience for renters in Crete.

How does the Toyota Auris demonstrate its eco-friendly performance in Crete?

The Toyota Auris showcases its eco-friendly performance by emitting 125 g/km of CO2 and meeting the Euro 5 emissions standard. This commitment to environmental responsibility reduces the car's overall carbon footprint and helps protect Crete's natural beauty for future generations.

Why is the adherence to the Euro 5 emissions standard important for the environment?

Adhering to the Euro 5 emissions standard is important because it sets strict limits on the amount of pollutants a vehicle can emit. By complying with these standards, the Toyota Auris contributes to cleaner air and a healthier environment in Crete and beyond.

What aspects of the Toyota Auris' performance make it suitable for driving on Crete's beautiful roads?

The Toyota Auris is powered by a 98 HP engine, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 13.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 109 mph (175 kph). This performance ensures a smooth and responsive drive, making it suitable for navigating Crete's diverse roads, from winding mountain paths to coastal highways.

How does the Auris' handling and acceleration contribute to a smooth and enjoyable driving experience?

The Auris'handling and acceleration contribute to a smooth and enjoyable driving experience by providing drivers with precise control and responsiveness. This allows them to confidently navigate a variety of road conditions and easily maneuver through traffic, ensuring a pleasant journey throughout Crete.

What are the age requirements and other rental conditions for renting a Toyota Auris in Crete?

Drivers must be at least 23 years old to rent a Toyota Auris in Crete. Additional rental conditions may include holding a valid driver's license, providing proof of insurance, and meeting any specific car rental company requirements, such as a minimum rental period or a deposit.

Are there any additional rental requirements or restrictions that may apply to the Toyota Auris?

Additional rental requirements or restrictions for the Toyota Auris may vary depending on the specific car rental company. These may include mileage limits, additional fees for young or inexperienced drivers, or restrictions on taking the vehicle off the island. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement before booking to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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