Aposelemi Beach

Aposelemi Beach is a popular beach situated along the vicinity of Analipsi settlement within the region of Crete in Greece. It is an open for all beach hideaway with an ample space to accommodate numerous beachgoers and tourists. The purpose of Aposelemi Beach is to provide a great coastline and swimming experience for tourists and swimmers free of charge. The beach is appropriate for different types of people such as travellers, get-away lovers, tourists and locals who want to relax and experience the beach vibe. There are no recorded or organised tours in the Aposelemi beach, since it is an area dedicated for public use. Anyone is able to visit and utilise the beach to their heart’s content anytime they want without booking a schedule in advance. The climate in Aposelemi beach usually reaches from 14.6° C to 16° C in air temperature and 3.0 M/S to 6.0 M/S in wind approximately. Its geography is quite tourist friendly and convenient. It is very accessible to tourists and beachgoers since it is located next to a coastal road and close to various amenities such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and bars. The Aposelemi Beach is prominent for the economy of Crete because it escalates the value of tourism in the island. It is undeniable that tourism serves as the heartbeat of Greece’s economy.  Greece’s development in economy has been reported as almost twice the industry average around the globe by 3.9 percent according to UNWTO or World Tourism Organization in the year 2017. The Aposelemi beach is one the reasons why the economy of Crete in particular, is revamping. It gives vigour to the coastline businesses and establishments situated specifically in the Analipsi settlement. The more tourists and beach goers visit the beach, the more that the seaside life gets rolling. The buildings that exist around the Aposelemi beach are quite diverse. There is an array of restaurants prior to the beach site namely, the Sirtaki Restaurant Greek Tavern which only takes 17 minutes of walking from the beach, the Kaphé, the Sunset Snack Bar Anissaras and the Mylos Beach Bar-Restaurant and Cafe in Anissaras. These restos and bars are situated just along the coastal road going to the Aposelemi beach. There are some other tourist attractions which are not so distant  from  the beach as well. They have the Dinasauria Park,  the CRETAquarium Thalassokosmos and Anissaras. Transport is not a problem as well because there is a variety of transportation services to choose from such as the Heraklion Airport  or HER, the Bus station, and the local taxis which offer airport transportation for its guests. The closest buildings or establishments surrounding the Aposelemi beach consist of the Europa Beach Hotel on the right side, the Aposelemis Wildlife Refuge on the lower right area, the American Base on the lower left side of the beach, and the Water Sports Center which is positioned on the upper left side of the beach’s coastal area. There are a lot of tourists that visit the Aposelemi beach. However, the Aposelemi beach has lesser visitations compared to other beaches in the Analipsi area as of the moment. Its occupancy rate during peak season is moderate.

What is Aposelemi Beach?

Aposelemi Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the area of Analipsi. It is ranked as the 275th most visited beach among the 477 beaches in the Crete region. The beautiful Aposelemi beach is characterised by refined grey sand, with a wide coastline and clear greenish water.  It possesses various amenities within the vicinity to promote convenience for the beach goers such as loungers, sunbeds, umbrellas, rooms, and toilets. It is quite accessible as well because it is situated just along the road. Parking area is close to the beach at the same time. Hotels, restaurants and cafeterias are just around the vicinity of the beach. In addition to that, the safety of swimmers is absolutely secured since it has a positioned lifeguard within the area. Aposelemi Beach has remained free for all beach goers, on top of all these advantages. The Aposelemi Beach is named after a river that flows towards the Mediterranean sea. The river is directly proportional to the coastline of the beach. However, the river is not totally connected to the sea as it creates a  little pond with shallow waters. The coastline which is next to the pond created by the Aposelemi river is later named as Aposelemi Beach.

Where is Aposelemi Beach located?

Aposelemi Beach is situated in an urban area near the Analipsi settlement which is kilometres away from the heart of the town of Kastelli in the region of Crete, Greece.  It is just in between the small village of Analipsi and the Kato Gouves settlement. The beach is easy to locate because it stretches on the coast of Crete Island within the boundaries of Analipsi settlement. There are two routes in order to reach Aposelemi Beach. The first one is through the east of the old national road, going out of Heraklion. Beach goers must travel towards Malia and Agios Niklaus from there until they reach the Kato Gouves village. They must follow the main road of the village until the beach is visible, then they must turn right. They  must continue to travel along the coastal road and by the end of it, they need to take another turn to the right. The beach is situated just behind a number of resorts. The second route to reach Aposelemi beach is still through the Old National Road  going to the Analipsi settlement. Beachgoers need to find their way through the coastal path. The coordinates of the Aposelemi beach is quite simple. It is 30.2 km away from Kastelli City, 1.3 km from the center of the Analipsi settlement, and 19 km from Heraklion. The presence of the Aposelemi river going straight towards the mediterranean sea is a clear trademark pointing to the location of  the beach.

How does the Aposelemi Beach Map look?

The beach map of Aposelemi beach shows that it has a wide vicinity. The image below exhibits the beach map of the Aposelemi beach.

Aposelemi Beach Map

A reliable online mapping system named google maps, shows that the Aposelemi Beach is situated right at the end of the coastal road from the main road of the Kato Gouves village. It appears in the map that the beach is perpendicular to the Aposelemis Potamos or commonly known as Aposelemi river which is heading towards the Mediterranean sea. The  Aposelemis Wildlife Refuge is found at the right side of the beach. The Water Sports Center is next to the beach. It is situated on the upper left side of the Aposelemi beach as shown on the map. Moreover, the American Base is situated on the left side of Aposelemi beach. It is positioned on the lower left portion on the map illustrated below.

What are the activities in Aposelemi Beach?

There are various activities which are allowed to be done within the area of Aposelemi beach. Some of these activities include swimming, sunbathing, other beach activities like playing outdoor games and spending time in nearby hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. Swimming is the main reason why people visit Aposelemi beach. Its crystal clear greenish waters captivates swimmers to take a dive and get themselves soaked under the sun. Another activity that beach goers are able to do is sunbathing. Sunbathing is the activity of lying under the sun, especially to tan skin. The Aposelemi beach has a wide area which is able to hold numerous sunbeds for beachgoers who desire to experience sunbathing. Playing outdoor games is one of the activities which is possible  in Aposelemi beach as well. Outdoor games such as volleyball, frisbee, hopscotch, badminton, freeze tag and other fun activities are suitable to bring about in Aposelemi beach. Beach goers and other visitors enjoy hanging out in the beach’s nearby restaurants and cafeterias as well. The availability of hotels and bars near Aposelemi beach allows beachgoers to do more out of their beach getaways. The following activities mentioned above are just examples of the various things to do in Aposelemi Beach. There are other more activities that beach goers are surely able to do in the Aposelemi beach because it has ample area to accommodate more beachgoers.

When is the best time to visit Aposelemi Beach?

The best time to visit Aposelemi beach is during days when it’s hot and  sunny. The best time for swimming in Crete beaches is between the later days of May and early October. Most swimmers or beachgoers visit the beach on weekends and holiday seasons which means that these are the days when the beach is expected to be jam packed, noisy, and overly crowded. The more people there are, the less likely it’s going to be enjoyable. Summer is the time when most people  prefer going to the beach than any other places to unwind and relax. Therefore, it is not a desirable time for beachgoers to visit Aposelemi beach especially for reserved and privacy conscious people. It is preferable to visit Aposelemi beach during weekdays and non-holidays when people are not likely to come.  Fewer people on the beach gives other beachgoers the opportunity to enjoy swimming in the beach with fewer people to share the water with. The cleanliness of beach water during those days is guaranteed better compared to days with numerous swimmers as well. During the high season, it is quite uncrowded which allows beachgoers and swimmers to experience a quality time on the coast.

How was the preservation of Aposelemi Beach?

The preservation of the Aposelemi beach is one of the goals of the government  of Crete, just like any other beaches around the region. One of the methods used to preserve the Aposelemi beach is by constantly reminding tourists and local guests to be responsible for their wastes. The Aposelemi beach is still a contributing factor of Greek tourism in spite of the fact that it is held free to use. The government of Crete has created an integrated waste management plan within the region to specifically look after the protection of Cretan beaches against unmanaged wastes. The project BLUESLANDS and WINPOL are some of the initiatives created by the region of Crete to reduce the production of waste. The municipalities of Crete are expected to abide by some laws and regulations in line with these initiatives. Some of the laws imposed in the municipality of Crete  that establishments must follow are, namely, proper segregation of wastes through installation of distinctively assigned bins, setting up ashtrays for cigarette tips, scheduled beach cleanup and constant education towards visitors. The owners of hotels and other accommodations in Crete must follow some set of regulations in their establishments as well. Some of these regulations are, prohibition of the usage of disposable plastics like cups, saucers and cutlery, replacement of plastic straws with better alternatives, replacement of disposable plastics bottles to reusable ones, provision of potable water sources for bottle refill, placement of ash trays on the beach area, proper training of employees and promotion of the government’s initiative towards the safety of beaches in Crete. These rules and guidelines pertaining to the conservation of the natural resources and wildlife in the island are being set on every establishment whether it is public or privately owned. The Aposelemi Beach is included upon these rules. Sanctions are being imposed within a certain establishment or building for any violations committed against these regulations.Tourists and other visitors are being educated with the regions’ advocacy towards keeping the natural beauty of the Cretan beaches intact and secured.

Aposelemi Beach

How do you get to Aposelemi Beach?

The directions to get to Aposelemi beach are various. It depends upon the locality of the visitors coming in. Visitors within the locality of Crete are able to reach the beach in two routes. The first one is through the coastal road from the Analipsi beach heading to the west. The visitors must reach the Analipsi beach first, from there they must drive along the coastal road up until the end point of the pavement. They will see the Aposelemi beach at once. The other route is coming from the left portion of the Aposelemi beach. The visitors must follow the coastal road of Kato Gouves to the east. They must drive down to the road,  until they have a viewpoint of the beach then turn right. Continuing along the coastal road down to its end they must turn right once again. They must be able to pass by the walls of a number of hotels and other buildings until they reach the road going to the American Football field. The Aposelemi beach is a few kilometres away from the field. The people are able to  approach the beach by walking from that area.. The easiest route to get to the Aposelemi beach is through the coastal road from the Analipsi Beach. It is more convenient to take because it has no turns. The Aposelemi beach is right at the end of the coastal road. Visitors won’t have to walk a number of metres to reach the shoreline.

What are nearby attractions in Aposelemi Beach?

Listed below are the nearby attractions in Aposelemi beach.

  • Cretaquarium. Cretaquarium is the largest marine aquarium in the region of Crete. Its enormous reservoirs house about 2,500 marine animals of 250 different species. It is situated in the building of the old  American military base. The Cretaquarium is only 8.7 km from the Aposelemi Beach which  takes 13 minutes of travel via automobile. Visitors are able to get to the Cretaquarium by foot within 1 hour and 44 minutes. The walking distance is about 7.9 kilometres.
  • Aquaworld Aquarium. The Aquaworld is both a tourist attraction and a rescue centre for various marine animals like fishes, octopus, and turtles. The centre has been a refuge for different reptiles found in Crete and the surrounding areas such as snakes and lizards. They have some tamed animals which visitors are able to touch and feed by hand.  It is 7.1 km away from the Aposelemi beach taking 12 minutes of driving using an automobile. Visitors are able to reach the Aquaworld aquarium and Reptile Rescue Centre by foot within 1 hour and 20 minutes. The distance by walking is 6.5 km in all.
  • Watercity Waterpark Crete. The Watercity Waterpark Crete is a modernised water park appropriate for family getaways, team buildings, and for anyone who loves to experience fun and to get in touch with adrenaline rush. The water park consists of many interconnected outdoor pools which is exciting for adult visitors. There are two paddling pools that are safe for children’s use. Over 30 other various water attractions for both children and adults are present in the water park. It houses the largest artificial wave pool in Europe which reaches 1.5 metres in height  and moves in five different directions. The park is equipped with a number of amenities to enjoy as well. It has several snack bars, a beauty salon and a shopping centre. The safety of tourists and swimmers is secured at the same time because it has a team of reliable lifeguards around the vicinity of the waterpark. The water park is reachable by car within 21 minutes of travel with a distance of 12.2 kilometres from Aposelemi beach.
  • Dinosauria Park. The Dinosauria Park is an interactive recreational park which is absolutely suitable for dinosaur fanatics. It exhibits around 30 life-size figures of  various kinds of sauruses which had lived in the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. These figures  include triceratops, ankylosaurus, carnotaurs, velociraptors and tyrannosaurs which are able to move and make sounds. The park consists of a museum as well which displays artefacts from bones and fossils. Another attraction inside the park is the Hospital room where anyone is able to witness how dinosaurs hatch from eggs, the right process of looking after the hatched eggs and the correct steps of taking care of injured and unhealthy dinosaurs. Moreover, the Dinosauria Park has a themed playground, archaeologist games and fossil searching activity which children surely enjoy. A restaurant and a souvenir shop is accessible within the park as well. The Dinosauria Park is approachable by car within 12 minutes with a 7.7 kilometre distance from the Aposelemi beach.
  • Lychnostatis Open Air Museum. The museum is an open-air, privately owned establishment which exhibits the conventional lifestyle of early Cretans. It displays an array of the old infrastructure of the inhabitants of Crete such as residential houses, outbuildings, wine presses and a church. The museum is able to show some of the traditional equipment in the land at the same time just like agricultural tools and home furnishings. These things create a realistic village ambiance for the visitors within the museum. Visitors are able to reach the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum from the Aposelemi beach in just 2 minutes via automobile with a distance of 14.1 km. The distance of the museum from the beach is about 8.8 km which visitors are able to take  within 1 hour  and 49 minutes by foot.

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete?

Listed below are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete.

  • Documents needed for renting a car. There are two important documents which are necessary in renting a car in Crete namely, a Driver’s licence and a Credit or Debit Card. A driver’s licence is the most important document that a tourist must consider before renting a car in Crete. No tourist is allowed to rent a car without having a driver’s licence in hand. The same way that no driver is allowed to operate a car without a valid driver’s licence. A driver’s licence is a document or card permitting a person to drive a motor vehicle. It is important that the licence is written in English or in Greek for each party to understand one another. In situations wherein a tourist doesn’t have an English driver’s licence or a prepared translation in hand, he/she is allowed to present a passport. Most car rental companies in Crete require tourists to be a licence holder for at least a year in their home country. It makes the car rental owners more confident with the safety of the tourists and the rented cars at the same time during their travels. Another important document that every tourist needs to have in Crete is a Credit or Debit Card. Payment for car rentals in cash is also possible in Crete. Most credit cards from the US or any equivalent countries carry car insurance coverage by default. It means that they already have Collision Damage Waiver insurance or CDW ready for car rental coverage. Another purpose of credit cards in renting a car in Crete is to hold an excess charge during the period when the cars are being rented. Credit cards are used as a guarantee when there are situations when tourists get involved with a car accident and decline to pay for the remaining damage.
  • Insurance. Car Insurance is another important factor to be considered in renting a car in Crete. The reason for that is for tourists to be able to adhere to the repair or damage costs brought to the rented car when accidents or collisions occur. Some car rental companies in Crete opt not to add an insurance fee on the rent cost because most international credit cards from the US already have CDW or Collision Damage Waiver included on their coverage by default. However, there are still car rental offices who persuade tourists to add insurance on the car rental cost on top of the insurance coverage that they already have on their credit cards . They say it’s not an awful idea, just to be safe and have peace of mind while travelling. There are car rental businesses as well who give their clients the freedom of choosing whether to add up insurance charges on their car rental or not.
  • Driver’s Age. The driver’s age is obviously a vital factor to think about before renting a car in Crete. A lot of car rental companies in Crete oblige licence holders to be of legal age to be able to rent a car. The licence holder must be 21 years old or older to rent a car in Crete. However, in some companies the age limit is at least 23 or 25 years old. The tourist must ask the car rental company about the age requirement of licence holders before renting a car, either way. Additional charges are placed on top of the tourist’s total rental cost if they are found to be driving under 25 years old.
  • Car rental location. The location where to rent a car in Crete is very important as well. The best place to rent a car for tourists arriving straight into Crete is at the airport. Renting a car right at the airport saves ample time than going to the city to pick up the car. It is more convenient for tourists as well since they will not be burdened in carrying heavy luggages and bags and transferring from one vehicle to another while going to the city or to the place of their accommodation. There are two major airports in Crete which offer credible car rental services namely, HER or Heraklion Airport and CHQ or Chania Airport. However, most tourists prefer HER when it comes to car rentals at the airport. Some car rental locations other than from the airports are situated in Agios Nikolaos, Rethymnon and Hersonissos. Renting a car from these locations doesn’t mean that cars are allowed to be returned from anywhere else. Rental cars must be taken back to the exact location where they are rented. That is why renting a car at airports is very much more desirable than renting in other places. Tourists are able to go straight ahead inside the airport after returning the rental cars without the hassle.
  • Car Specification. Another essential thing to think about before renting a car in Crete is the specification of the car itself. These specifications include, the size of the car , the power, transmission type, and the cost of the car to be rented. Car size is one of the things that all tourists must think about in renting a car. Smaller cars are suitable to choose when renting a car in Crete. Highways and pavements in Greece usually have small lanes which makes it uneasy to operate big automobiles while driving. Routes even narrow down in some areas in Crete. There are some striking curves in Crete which have one lane. Drivers are expected to get into agreement as to whose car must pass first to avoid unwanted impact. Tourists are advised to pack the most necessary things to come up with smaller and lighter luggages fittable for small cars in Crete. However, there are still bigger cars which are available for renting in Crete. Tourists must choose a car style that is appropriate to their needs and convenience. The only problem with it is driving through narrow roads, most especially in the rigid turns which are quite dangerous. Power  is another important factor about car specifications in Crete. The region of Crete holds numerous mountains and peaks. Tourists are expected to encounter bobbing pathways going up and down which require a powerful engine. Powerful cars provide a more comfortable travel experience, even though the roads are not totally sheer. Changing won’t have to be necessary at all times for tourists when they are driving cars with great engine power. The next important specification for car rentals in Crete is the transmission type. Most rental cars in Crete are in manual transmission type. Cars in manual type are cheaper compared to automatic ones in Crete. There are automatic transmission cars available in Crete but they obviously cost a lot compared to the manual ones. These automatic transmission cars are fewer in Crete which is why it is crucial to have it booked as early as possible. That’s when online booking becomes a vital part of a tourist’s to-do list before even going to Crete. Another essential factor when it comes to car specification is the rental cost of the car. A lot of tourists tend to rent cars with an economical price or low rental cost. However, the specification and quality of these cars get proportional to the rental price they project most of the time. The cheaper the rental cost of the car, the lower the standard that it has. The same analogy goes for high priced rental cars. Cars with high rental prices have higher specifications and more convenient features. The car rental prices in Crete vary  throughout the year. It is deliberately cheaper when travelling within the months of January and  February. The average rental cost of cars in Crete per day ranges from 15 to 50 euro. Tourists are given the freedom to choose which specification suits their budget. Nevertheless, comfort, safety and time efficiency must not be put at stake. These things must not be traded with cost especially when it comes to travelling to a different country.
  • Online booking. Online destination booking has become a hype nowadays. It has been a life saver for every tourist and travellers. Online booking is an useful initiative allowing potential clients to personally schedule an activity or event online according to their own preference and availability. It has placed so much convenience to the customers because they are able to even pay for it online within the comfort of their own space. Online booking has undeniably become a tourist’s travel buddy. Car rental agencies in Crete have booking systems already running. Most of them are web-based or accessible online. There are car rental offices which process booking over the phone as well. However, it is a great advantage if tourists are able to book online because it saves them more time and money. There are many promos and booking discounts online which they won’t find on site. Online bookings offer a real time communication at the same time where tourists are able to be in touch with the agency and easily request for the cars to be ready for pick up. That way the agency is going to have a heads up in preparing the documents, and the tourist won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the rental process.

The following points presented above are just some of the most important factors to consider on How to Choose the Right Car to Rent in Crete. There are a few other  things that a tourist needs to bear in mind especially when it comes to car rentals. Nevertheless, every tourist must remember that the best way to have a wonderful travel experience is through having enough preparation.

How much does a car rental in Crete cost?

The island of Crete is best travelled using a rented vehicle. Visitors get faster to Crete’s top destinations using a rented car. Crete car rental costs vary depending on the number of persons, itinerary, car type, destination, and duration. The average cost of renting a car in Crete is around €30 to €40 per day. A car rented for a whole week costs an average of €250. Renting a vehicle for the weekend cost around €78. Crete car rental rates differ depending on the car type. The majority of Crete car rental companies offer a variety of cars depending on customers’ liking. Most car rental shops in Crete offer an online booking system, whenever customers want to book a car. Simply follow the process and instantly book a vehicle on their website. Before availing of a rental car service in Crete, check and secure all the requirements.

How much does it cost to get to Aposelemi Beach?

The cost of getting to Aposelemi beach is quite inexpensive. Tourists and other beach goers don’t have to spend a fortune just to enjoy the landscape of the beach. Aposelemi beach is an open for all coast which anyone is allowed to visit regardless of the age, gender, or economical status. There is no required admission fee to be able to utilise the beach. Tourists are able to visit the coastline whenever they want, anytime of the day. There is no limit to the number of visitors as well. Food is not an issue at the same time. The availability of meals and refreshments is just a few walks away from the shore. There are a number of restaurants and snack bars along the coastal road where visitors are able to check, hangout with, and get filled. Parking fee is not a problem at all. Beachgoers and tourists are allowed to park their vehicle along the coastal road as long as it is properly situated and does not block the pathway. The beach has a wide vicinity at the left portion where just a few beachgoers used to lie down with their sunbeds. People are able to get to that portion by taking the route from Kato Gouves settlement. They need to pass by the American Base and park their vehicles a little further from it. It takes just a few steps to get into the coastline of Aposelemi itself.

Where to stay near Aposelemi Beach?

There are many hotels to stay near at Aposelemi Beach. The best ones are, namely, Stella Island Resort and Spa, Europa Beach Hotel and Spa, and Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort. These hotels are top-rated by Google. The Stella Island Resort and Spa is a luxury hotel whose goal is to provide a pampered vibe to its visitors through a variety of amenities and services available in the establishment. The resort is a perfect destination for couples especially those who are on their honeymoon. The Stella Island Resort and Spa houses wonderfully architectured pools and other structures which captivates a lot of tourists and local visitors. It has an iconic lagoon-style swimming pool that goes around the whole resort  allowing every guest to pick their desired private spot. Providing convenient and unforgettable moments is the heartbeat of Stella Island Resort and Spa. Their services are dedicated for recreation and health. Their popular amenities include spas, heated swimming pools, and a fitness centre which offers activities on an increasing level of  difficulty. The hotel provides their guests with a number of accommodation types to choose from. One of their best accommodations is the Island Villa Private Pool. It has a private pool and a big lounge which is suitable for intimate get togethers. The features and services included in the Villa aside from the pool are as follows, a pool deck, sun chairs and table , 32 inches flat LCD screen, jacuzzi, a queen size bed, sofa bed, hair dryer, wifi access, and essential bathroom amenities. It is just a few walks from the foremost building of Stella Island. Another type of accommodation that they have is the Grand Overwater Bungalow with Jacuzzi. It is an overwater bungalow furnished with style and pleasing interiors. The bungalow’s homey feel allows guests to have genuine relaxation in the comfort of their sanctuary. It has an infinity pool which is located straight from the bedroom. Some of the facilities and services that the bungalow holds are, namely, a pool deck, outdoor jacuzzi, hammock, pulley exercise machine, Mini bar and wifi access. There are other room accommodations inStella Island Resort and Spa aside from the two mentioned above. These are the OverWater Bungalow, Premium Double, the Luxury Double Swim Up, the Premium Double Pool View, and the Luxury Double pool View. The hotel houses a variety of bars and dining areas inside the establishment as well. They have the Cabana for cocktails and snacks, the Utopia which offers fine wines and other fresh drinks, the Umbra or the poolside bar with delicately chosen cocktails to partner meals, the infinity bar Makuti, the party Garden Paraiso which performs music festivals, and the In Room Dining which serves fine delicacies and exquisite menu. The Stella Island Resort and Spa is around 490 metres away from Aposelemi beach. Another top rated hotel nearby Aposelemi beach is the Europa beach Hotel and Spa. The Europa Beach Hotel and Spa is a traditionally oriented hotel which aims to exhibit  the Minoan civilization and the wonderful nature of Crete. It offers traditional cuisine and efficient service in line with Greek hospitality. The hotel’s goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for families and couples who seek to have a quality time with one another. It houses an array of various facilities that guests and tourists love. These facilities include a main restaurant, a snack bar, a pool bar, a mini market or souvenir shop, a children’s playground, a wellness centre, a gymnastic room, a tennis court, indoor and outdoor animation theatre, a mini club, and a TV room. They have a standard accommodation room which comprises a double air-conditioned room,a bathroom with bathtub, a beautiful balcony, safety deposit box, a refrigerator, a weight watcher and a SAT TV set. One of the things that sets Europa Hotel apart among other hotels in Crete is that it exhibits different special programs to entertain its guests. Some of these programs are the Cretan folklore evening, Greek evening, and other special shows for children. The Europa Beach Resort and Spa got its business name from the mythical story of the maiden Europa from Tyre who was abducted by Zeus and brought to the Mediterranean Island of Crete. She later became Zeus’ wife and the first queen of the Cretans. The Europa Beach Resort and Spa is about 310 metres away from Aposelemi beach. It is in fact the closest hotel among the three nearby hotels rated by Google. It takes 10 minutes of walking to reach the hotel from the village of Analipsi. The third best hotel nearby Aposelemi beach is the Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort. It is one of the most glamorous and extravagant hotels in Crete whose architecture is based on the water palaces of the Minoan Kings and Venetian Nobles who conquered and ruled over Crete thousands of years ago. The hotel is undeniably unique in its design, ambiance, and services which makes it more than just a hotel. Many guests say it is a resort to live in. The Amirandes Resort has a luxurious list of accommodation rooms to choose from. They have exquisite guest rooms for couples and for families, comfort suites, stylish bungalows, unique villas, and ultimate high quality accommodation. The Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort exhibits fun activities for certain seasons and occasions. Some of these include sports and recreational events during summer, various entertainment activities during the day and during the night, outdoor events like horse riding and mountain bike tours, water sports, a fashion boutique,  and a shopping centre. Another fascinating feature of the Amirandes Resort is that it surprises its guests with an impressive huge golf course just 10km away from the hotel and a total shifting experience towards a 40 hectare Agreco Farm near the Rethymno region. Amirandes Grecotel Boutique Resort is indeed more than just a luxurious hotel.  The following hotels mentioned above are some of the nearest and high quality Hotels Near Aposelemi Beach. However, there are some other establishments where tourists and local guests of Analipsi village are able to visit.

Where to eat near Aposelemi Beach?

There are numerous restaurants near Aposelemi where tourists and local guests are able to relish and be filled. The three best restaurants near Aposelemi Beach are tackled here namely, the volkano, the Tritonas Greek Traditional Tavern, and the Asterias Restaurant Bar Cafe. These restaurants are top rated by Google with a review ranking not lower than 4.5 stars. The first one on  the list is the Volcano. Volkano is ranked as third among the 16 restaurants in Analipsi and is a certified traveller’s choice in 2022 as per TripAdvisor. It is 1.6 kilometres away from Aposelemi beach which takes only 4 min to reach when riding a car. Tourists are expected to reach Volkano restaurant within 20 minutes if taken by foot. The Volcano restaurant is an Italian restaurant which serves some exquisite meals from Greek, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisines. They serve some of the best tasting pizza as well.  Their serving options include dine-in and take out. However, they don’t offer delivery services. The Volcano restaurant renders special diets options for their vegan and vegetarian guests at the same time.  It has been captivating a lot of tourists and locals since the time it was founded in the year 1992. It has a cosy atmosphere and an interesting unique interior set-up. The restaurant exhibits a balance of modern and traditional vibe that every guest enjoys. It has a perfect rating score in terms of food, service, value, and atmosphere as per TripAdvisor. One of its satisfied customers, with an online name Craig L quoted “ Wonderful place. Food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. I visited a few of the restaurants in Analapsi and this is the one I would come back to again and again”. The Volcano restaurant is situated in Central Square Kronou 2, Analipsi, Hersonissos, Crete 700 14 Greece and is reachable through their telephone number +30 2897 023648. Its business days start from Monday to Sunday which usually opens at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and closes at 1 o’clock in the morning the next day. Another prominent restaurant near Aposelemi beach is the Tritonas Greek Traditional Tavern. It is about 1.5 kilometres away from Aposelemi beach which tourists are able to  reach within 3 minutes via automobile and 18 minutes by foot. It is ranked as fourth among the 16 promising restaurants in Analipsi and tagged as a Travellers’ Choice as well, according to TripAdvisor. The Tritonas Greek Traditional Tavern radiates an ambiance of local cuisine, European, Mediterranean, Greek and Vegetarian dishes. Some of the iconic features of the restaurant are that they cater special occasions, they have a romantic and mesmerising scenic view, and they are able to serve large groups of people. The restaurant serves meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks,and late night snacks. The meals served in Tritonas restaurant includes breakfast, lunch and dinner available for dine-in and take out. However, delivery service is not available in the restaurant in the meantime. It has an all-in 4.5 rating in terms of food, service, value, and atmosphere as per TripAdvisor. One of their contented clients named Ptrloftus1 commented “Food is great value for money, portions are substantial, staff attentive, coffee wonderful. Comfortable relaxing taverna with sea views and its own private beach. Well worth a visit.” which proves that the restaurant is one of the must-visit establishments in Analipsi. The Tritonas Greek Traditional Tavern is located at Analipsi, Hersonissos, Crete 700 14 Greece with a contact number +30 694 579 1016. It is open from Mondays to Sundays with business hours starting from 9 o’clock in the morning  to 12:30 in the morning the next day. The third best restaurant that is near Aposelemi beach is the Asterias Beach Cafe Restaurant. The restaurant is just along the coastal road of Analipsi which is 1 kilometre away from the Aposelemi beach. It takes 3 minutes to reach the restaurant from the beach by car. Tourists are able to arrive at the restaurant by foot within 13 minutes. The Asterias Beach Cafe Restaurant is ranked as seventh among the 16 prominent restaurants in Analipsi. It is identified as a Traveller’s choice 2022 as well, as per Trip advisor. The Asterias Beach Cafe and Restaurant serves cuisines from seafood to Mediterranean, European , down to traditional Greek dishes. It offers a variety of special diets for vegan people as well. The meals served in Asterias restaurant includes breakfast, lunch and dinner available for dine-in and take out. However, they don’t offer delivery services as of the moment. It has a great rating score in terms of food, service, value, and atmosphere, according to TripAdvisor. A pleased customer named Adam0260 noted online, “Service was excellent, and food was amazing! Would recommend it to anyone, it was a lovely evening meal. The location is lovely, watching the sunset with a glass of wine and a perfectly cooked steak. Really enjoyed it”, which indicates the quality of experience that a tourist is able to encounter while dining in the restaurant. The Asterias Beach Cafe and Restaurant is positioned at the Beach Road Analipsi – Hersonissos, Analipsi, Hersonissos, Crete Greece and is reachable through the contact number +30 2897 025045. It is open the whole week with business hours starting from 9 o’clock in the morning until 12 am the next day.

Is Aposelemi Beach worth visiting?

Ye, the Aposelemi beach is definitely worth visiting. It has a majestic panoramic view of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The beach has a landscape of wide and smooth coastline perfect to lay down even with just a piece of beach mat or cloth. Tourists have undeniably many good reasons to stop by the Aposelemi beach. One of the best reasons why Aposelemi beach is worthy of visitation is that it is free for all. Tourists don’t have to spend a single penny for any entrance fee. Anyone regardless of age, gender, or economical status is allowed to relax along the shoreline and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rental from nearby stores along the coastal road, in case the tourists forget to bring some. Another reason why Aposelemi beach is worth visiting is that it has a number of restaurants and hotels nearby. Food and accommodation is not going to be a problem. It takes just a few kilometres to find a perfect place to eat and relax, or sleep for the night. Some establishments are only a few steps away from the beach which are located just along the coastal road. Another factor why it is worth visiting Aposelem beach is that parking is not going to be an issue. There is no parking fee needed since the beach is free of charge. Tourists are able to park their vehicles along the coastal road provided that they don’t block the pathway. There is an open field at the left most portion of the beach where tourists and local swimmers are able to pull up their automobiles. The Aposelemi beach is indeed one of  the Best Beaches in Crete that every tourist must visit. It is a good illustration that having fun and quality time at the beach doesn’t have to be costly and uneasy

Is Aposelemi Beach safe?

Yes, the Aposelemi beach is safe. Tourists and other beachgoers are out of harm’s way while spending time at the Aposelemi beach. It has a designated lifeguard within the area who is ready for rescue missions. Tourists are safe from unwanted cuts and bruises in the shoreline as well since the beach has a levelled and smooth landscape. The sea bottom of the beach consists of sand as well which makes it convenient and safe for swimmers to dive and walk beneath the waters. The water in Aposelemi beach is not too deep and not too shallow. It is perfectly safe for children and old swimmers provided that they have enough family or adult supervision. There are fewer boats near the beach as well. Finally, the Aposelemi beach has a low prevalence of sharks and other dangerous marine creatures. These are the factors why tourists and beachgoers approve of the safety and security of the Aposelemi beach.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Aposelemi Beach?

No, booking in advance to visit Aposelemi beach is not necessary or required. The reason for that is because the Aposelemi beach is open for all. There is no private entity or organisation that collects and asks booking fees for the beach. The best thing that tourists and beach goers must do in advance is to check the weather forecast for the specific day  or time that they wish to visit the beach. It is always a great plan for any activity to get prepared before it comes. Knowing the weather conjecture is one of the ways to get ready. It is a good idea to bring enough food and water supplies along the beach as well, just to have it ready when needed. Sun protection for the sin must be packed as well, since the weather and heatwave in most coastline is higher than other locations.

Are children permitted at the Aposelemi Beach?

Yes, children are permitted at the Aposelemi beach. There is no age limitation in Aposelemi beach since it is dedicated for public use. Anyone is permitted to visit and enjoy the coastal vibe in Aposelemi beach regardless of age. However, it is advised that children are given enough attention and close supervision while at the beach.  Neither the beach nor any entity maintaining the beach is held accountable for any loss of accidents within the area. Children must be taught to respect the rules and guidelines placed on the beach. The responsibility of taking care and overseeing the children at the beach is always placed on the guardian or the parents’ shoulders.

The Aposelemi beach has clear beach features which assure the safety of beachgoers and swimmers especially the young ones. Some of these features include having a moderate water depth, fewer nearby boats, sandy seabed, and minimal prevalence of threatening marine animals. These are the factors why the Aposelemis beach is noted for being one of the Best Beaches in Crete for Toddlers and Young Kids. It goes to prove that a safe and fun beach experience is always attainable and accessible for tourists of all ages.

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