Falassarna beach

Falassarna is located 59 kilometres west of Chania and 12 kilometres west of Kissamos. It only takes a 15-minute drive from the coastal village of Kolymbari. Falassarna is now one of the most famous destinations in Crete, both for its beaches and for its ecological interest. Falassarna Beach is an exotic beach paradise known as one of the top beaches in Europe. Furthermore, the beach has been awarded as the best beach and voted as one of the 10 best beaches in Europe several times. Additionally, the Falassarna beach has a tropical vibe, beautiful turquoise water, and a sandy area. Moreover, it is easily accessible by car from Chania, as it has a good road connected to the beach. Falassarna beach has good facilities including showers, changing areas, tavernas, and a water sports centre. According to the exceptional reviews of the tourists at Falassarna beach, it has incredible crystal-clear water with a clean area that feels like heaven. Tourists stay in nearby hotels such as Panorama Hotel, Aphrodite Hotel, and the Kavousi Resort. The best time for tourists to visit Falassarna beach is during September for its calm and warm sea temperatures. Falassarna beach has no health protocols for tourists and locals to follow.

Crete in general offers plenty of tourist attractions, including its beautiful beaches that are accessible to their tourists. Both Rethymno and Chania are known to have amazing beaches with mesmerising views. Rethymno is a fine-looking and relaxing place to visit. The beaches in Rethymno have golden sand and deep, clean water that is well-maintained and conveniently located near the city’s facilities. Tourism is very prominent on the Falassarna Beach. There are many things to do and explore on the beautiful exotic Falassarna Beach. The bus system has regular service. There are various buses that have a daily scheduled trip because of the popularity of Falassarna beach. Besides that, there are available car rental companies in the area. Travelling and exploring the beach is easy. Falassarna Beach not only exhibits how beautiful and bountiful Crete is in scenic and historical sites. The beach contributes to Crete’s identity. Together with the rest of the museums, archaeological sites, palaces, and its other beaches, these embody the island’s identity.

What is Falassarna Beach?

Falassarna beach has been voted the most beautiful beach in Crete and is rated as one of the 10 best beaches in all of Europe. Falassarna is sometimes written as “Phalassarna”. It has crystal clear waters and wonderful white and pink sand. The beach is generally very clean and with lovely colours because of the sandy bottom. There are a lot of greenhouses that have been erected in the last 20 years because of the good area of fertile land running along the coast.

Falassarna Sandy Beach

Where is Falassarna Beach located?

Falassarna is located 59 kilometres west of Chania and 12 kilometres west of Kissamos. It only takes a 15-minute drive from the coastal village of Kolymbari. Falassarna Beach is located in Phalasarna, Greece. The beach is not far north of Falassarna Archaeological Site. At the northern part of the beach there are the ruins of the Grecoroman city of Phalassarna.

How does the Falassarna Beach Map look?

Tourists remember Falassarna Beach because of the dramatic scenery and the iconic whitewashed village. It is located on the West Coast. Falassarna Beach, in Crete, is one of the most famous beaches on the island. Accompanying secluded hidden beaches and rocky landscapes with majestic views from the seaside. The map of Falassarna beach gives a glimpse of the route and one understands why it should be part of a bucket list when visiting the island of Crete.

falassarna beach map

What are the activities in Falassarna Beach?

Crete has many attractions to offer. Archaeological sites, museums, and hiking should be the top things to do in Crete besides beaches. The island of Crete has plenty of historical ruins that surprises each tourist. The Archaeological Museum of Kissamos is located near Falassarna beach that is definitely worth a visit. There are camping sites, snorkelling activities and an enjoyable swimming experience in Falassarna Beach. The Falassarna beach is fully regulated and organised. The beach offers umbrellas and loungers covering most of the beach area. However, there are several free spots for those tourists who would bring their own towels and beach umbrellas. There are two bars and cafés on the beach which cater snacks, water, or coffee. Beach parties are often organised in the evening, which tourists love. The fun begins as the sun goes down on Falassarna beach, with its admittedly one of the most splendid sunsets in Crete. Water sports are available on the beach, while there is an area for beach volley.

When is the best time to visit Falassarna Beach?

The best time for tourists to visit Falassarna beach is during September for its calm and warm sea temperatures. Falassarna beach has no health protocols for tourists and locals to follow. September is a good month for swimming in Falassarna beach. Falassarna Beach in the months of June, July, August, and September, for the best beach weather. The average maximum temperature at Falassarna beach in September is 27 degrees Celsius. Falassarna beach party is every August. Since 1995, the youths of the neighbouring village of Platanos have organised a great beach party at Falassarna. The beach party is scheduled on the first or second Saturday of August each year. Entrance to the party is free and drinks are cheap. Tourists are able to camp on the beach overnight and dance the night away to the sound of professional DJs.

Sandy beach of Falassarna Crete

How was the preservation of Falassarna Beach?

Falassarna is a protected nature reserve with dunes on the west coast of Crete. Falassarna is part of the Natura 2000 network, both due to its variety of flora and fauna and as an area of outstanding natural beauty. The area around Falassarna beach is magnificent and is a Natura2000-protected region. Falassarna used to beach a Greek harbour at the west end of Crete that flourished during the Hellenistic period.

Why is Falassarna Beach called an exotic beach?

The reason why Falassarna beach is being called as an exotic beach is because of the white sand that makes the water look tropical, it is unique for Crete. It is known for having the most beautiful sunset on Crete.

How do you get to Falassarna Beach?

Tourists are able to access Falassarna Beach by taking the National Road from Chania to Kissamos. After passing through Kissamis, continue to Platanos and follow the signs to Falassarna, on reaching the hill above Falassarna, see the three-kilometre beach spread out at your feet. The beach is nearly three kilometres from the hill, along a fairly narrow, winding around, which is the reason for tourists to be careful. The route from Chania to Falassarna is by bus. Falassarna is highly popular, there are daily buses to the beach from Chania and Kastelli Kissamos.

The amazing Falassarna Beach

What are nearby attractions in Falassarna Beach?

Listed below are the nearby attractions in Falassarna Beach.

  • Archaeological Museum of Kissamos: The Archaeological Museum of Kissamos was founded in 2005. The exhibits provide a longitudinal picture of the region’s history from prehistory to early Christian times.
  • Ancient Falassarna: Falassarna Archaeological Site is located in Phalasarna, Greece. Falassarna Archaeological Site’s entrance is not far north of Falassarna Beach. The Archaeological Site of Falassarna is at the west end of Crete. On the west coast of Crete, Falassarna is situated 12 kilometres west of Kissamos and 59 kilometres west of Chania. Falassarna Archaeological Site was explored in the late 19th century by British travellers. The exploration has led to the discovery of the harbour and the ruins of the ancient city. Although graves from the 6th century BC attest to an Archaic settlement and shards on the surrounding slopes and in the harbour silt indicate that the site was inhabited as early as the Middle Minoan period. The ancient city of Falassarna flourished from the second half of the 4th century BC to the middle of the first century BC. In order to clean the site and promote the Falassarna Archaeological Site, the local Ephorate of Antiquities and the Ministry of Culture started excavations in 1986. Falassarna Archaeological Site includes the harbour, the acropolis, and the cemeteries of the ancient Falassarna city.
  • Balos Beach: Balos Beach is located in Kissamos. It is a beautiful beach located on the south side of the island, it has a large cave on the beach and excellent snorkelling.

Sunset at Falassarna Beach

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete?

Listed below are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete.

  • Insurance: Car rental insurance is important, as it protects a passenger against the cost of damage when renting a car. Crete car rental includes insurance for collision damage waiver and a driver’s credit card is required as a guarantee.
  • Driver’s age: The legal age requirement when driving in Crete is 18 years old. The driver must have a valid driving licence and essential documents like an ID or passport.
  • Driver’s gender: Women and men are able to drive in Crete. As long as the driver is of the legal age of 18, driving is permitted in Crete, regardless of gender.
  • Car type: Travelling with groups or family members requires a much bigger car. Car rental companies in Crete offer a variety of cars to choose from. Selecting a smaller car is best when driving in Crete. The reason for that is that some Greek roads are narrow. The car type is one big factor in how to choose the right car to rent in Crete.
  • Documents needed for renting a car: One important document needed for renting a vehicle is a valid driving licence. However, a credit or debit card are presented, including a passport or an ID card.

How much does a car rental in Crete cost?

Crete is best travelled using a rented vehicle. Tourists quickly get to Crete’s top destinations using a rented car. Crete car rental costs vary depending on the number of persons, itinerary, car type, destination, and duration. The average cost of renting a car in Crete is around €30 to €40 per day. A car rented for a whole week costs an average of €250. Renting a vehicle for the weekend costs around €78. Crete car hire rates differ depending on the car type. Car rental companies offer a variety of cars depending on customers’ liking. Most car rental shops in Crete offer an online booking system, whenever customers want to book a car. Simply follow the process and instantly book a vehicle on their website. Before availing of a rental car service in Crete, make sure to check and secure all the requirements needed.

How much does it cost to get to Falassarna Beach?

Enjoy Falassarna Beach at affordable costs while having an amazing view of crystal clear waters and wonderful white sand. The food in Falassarna Beach is affordable yet delicious. In terms of transportation, the daily average cost of renting a car in Crete is around €30 to €40. A car rented for a whole week costs an average of €250. The car rental fee varies when it is the weekend, which costs around €78.

Where to stay near Falassarna Beach?

Falassarna Beach is the best destination for a summer holiday season, with its glistening  crystal clear waters and wonderful white and pink sand. Falassarna Beach offers everything that the tourist needs and everything the beach enthusiasts would want. The exotic white and pink sand beach offers a selection of well-kept hotels. A hotel is the best choice to stay in Falassarna Beach because of its security and comfort. The best hotel in Falassarna Beach is the “Falassarna Bay Hotel”. The hotel is just metres from the famous Falassarna beach. The hotels near Falassarna Beach offer its guests comfortable studios, flats and rooms.

Falassarna Beach

Where to eat near Falassarna Beach?

South Crete is known for its delicious food, location, and services in Greece. Cretan foods, European, Mediterranean, and Greek cuisines are made from fresh ingredients. The view, ambiance, and service are the factors that tourists and visitors look for. There are local cuisines and restaurants that offer outdoor seating to enjoy the breathtaking view. One of the best local cuisines is the Tavern Spilios which offers Mediterranean food. The restaurant offers special diets and vegan options for meals. On the other hand, tourists enjoy the Gilisma Taverna restaurant because of the comfortable outdoor dine-in experience.

Is Falassarna Beach worth visiting?

Yes, Falassarna Beach is worth visiting. Absolutely, Falassarna Beach is worth visiting and is recommended by tourists. Tourists love the magnificent view from the sea, the crystal-clear water, and the peaceful vibe. Additionally, most tourists enjoy the nearby secluded best beaches in Crete, easy hikes, and ancient ruins. The beach is ideal for those tourists who want to spend the summer holidays in a quiet place with beautiful beaches and lots of sightseeing opportunities. Moreover, it is ideal for romantic couples and solitary romantics as it offers the best sunset in West Crete.

Falassarna Beach

Is Falassarna Beach safe?

Yes, Falassarna Beach is safe. Crime rates in Falassarna are typically low, just like in any other part of Greece. Since there are many police officers on the island, assistance is never far away should an accident occur. Like other Mediterranean islands that have been visited by tourists, Falassarna beach is thought to be a secure tourist destination. The locals at Falassarna beach are welcoming and friendly, anyone is allowed to freely explore the village and feel quite secure and relaxed. However, keeping an eye on one’s belongings and avoiding walking late at night alone are just a few of the sensible things to consider when travelling.

Are children permitted at the Falassarna Beach?

Yes, children are permitted at Falassarna Beach. The entire area of Falassarna beach looks like a big water park for young kids. Children surely enjoy activities like snorkelling in shallow, clear waters. The dunes and the beautiful long stretches of white and pink sand are just a few of the numerous reasons why Falassarna Beach is among the best beaches in Crete for toddlers and young kids. Everyone enjoys their stay at Falassarna Beach, there are several activities in the area that people from different age groups have to try.

Panoramic View of Falassarna Beach

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