Triopetra Crete Greece

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, Triopetra literally means Three Rocks and its name comes from the stunning rock formations that rise from the sea at the middle of this gorgeous destination. Located on the southern coast of Crete, about 50 km south of the city of Rethymno and 13 km to the southwest of the Akoumia village.

Backed by low mountains and blessed with superb sand and the mesmerizing Libyan Sea, Triopetra Beach is one of the most enticing destinations on the island. Although far from human settlements, there are a few villas and taverns next and around the beach. You can certainly make an entire holiday at Triopetra Beach! Below you can find the most important information about this destination and what you can do in the area.

beach of Triopetra with turquoise sea in Southern Crete

Where is Triopetra Beach

Triopetra Beach is located on the southern coast of Crete, in the region of Rethimno and about 50 km south of the city. The nearest larger village is Akoumia, located about 13 km to the northeast, over the mountains. You can rent a car to Triopetra Beach from the capital of Heraklion, as there are plenty of other splendid places to visit nearby. Triopetra is part of a larger beach known as Akoumia, separated by rocky outcrops, including the majestic three rocks that divide Triopetra.

How to Get to Triopetra Beach

Getting to Triopetra Beach by Car

Triopetra Beach can be reached by car, driving across the island towards the south. Your best option is to get to Triopetra Beach with a car rental from Heraklion and drive south towards Mires and then turning west until you reach Akoumia. From there, it is a short drive towards either Triopetra or Little Triopetra, which are separated by the three sea stacks. The trip from the capital will take about an hour and a half and the roads are quite good in the area. Hiring a car to reach Triopetra Beach is the best choice, as if you choose to stay in the area, there are no public transportation options available to get around.

Getting to Triopetra Beach by Bus

There are no buses that reach the beach and the best you could do is get to the village of Akoumia by bus from Rethymno and then finding some kind of local transport to the beach.

Best Things to Do in Triopetra Beach

The beach of Triopetra gets its name from the three picturesque rock formations that can be admired along its sandy length. These beautiful rocks divide the large Triopetra Beach from the Little Triopetra, located to the east. It is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in all of Greece and certainly among the top beaches of Crete.

Triopetra "three rocks" beach

Quite long and wide, with coarse sand and clear blue waters, it is truly breathtaking and you can certainly spend an entire holiday without getting bored of its beauty. There are a few taverns right next to the beaches and a lot of villas can be found in the nearby hills. The beaches on this coastal area go on for many kilometers, from the stunning Preveli Beach in the northwest to Agios Pavlos in the southeast.

Preveli Beach Crete

At the south end of Little Triopetra, the river Akoumianos flows in the sea, separating it from the beach of Agios Pavlos, before the gorgeous Cape Melissa.

Both Triopetra and Little Triopetra are partly organized, with several areas that have sunbeds and umbrellas in front of the taverns, yet most of their length is still unorganized. You can certainly find areas that are uncrowded even during the peak tourist season.

While there may be days when there are high waves, for most of the time you can easily swim in the shallow waters and even try snorkeling to admire the underwater world.

Visit the village of Akoumia

The traditional village of Akoumia is located about 13 km north of the Triopetra Beach and makes for a pleasant visit to boast in its authentic atmosphere. The most interesting sights of the village are certainly the Byzantine churches scattered in the area, like the fascinating Sotiras Christos Church (Savior Christ), dating from the 14th century and still preserving some exceptional frescoes. Over the mountain towards Triopetra, there is also an old deserted monastery dedicated to Saint Onoufrios, offering superb views of the coast.

Akoumia Village near Triopetra

Explore the Kourtaliotiko Gorge

The spectacular gorge of Kourtaliotiko has been created by the same river that flows into the sea at Preveli beach. Over the course of millennia, it has created this deep gorge for about 3 km, creating some magnificent natural wonders along the way.

The gorge starts from the village of Koxare and there are several hiking trails following the gorge along with the road, to discover its treasures. The steep ridges on each side sometimes reach over 600 meters high and are filled with caves, preserving unique vegetation and wildlife, including vultures.

In the bottom of Kourtaliotiko Gorge

There are also small churches, old ruins, stunning waterfalls and unforgettable panoramas along the way.

Discover the Rechtara Waterfall

This charming waterfall can be discovered in the mountains north of the village of Platanes, just north of the Akoumia village. You can hike up the canyon until the waterfall with extreme care, but descending might require canyoning equipment. The trip to the waterfall takes about 45 minutes, but you should avoid it during the rainy periods, when the canyon can have large quantities of water. The Rechtara Digenis waterfall is one of the most impressive in all of Crete, with a total height of about 70 meters.

Beaches near Triopetra

Triopetra Beach sits at the center of a long area of Cretan coast that features spectacular beaches, usually backed by low mountain ridges and washed by the splendid waters of the Libyan Sea.

South of the Little Triopetra over the river, you can visit the beautiful beach of Agios Pavlos, with its enchanting sand dunes, before reaching Cape Melissa, with a lot of little coves that offer privacy and seclusion. The mesmerizing sandhills are in perfect contrast with the azure of the sea, making this one of the most enticing beaches of southern Crete.

Agios Pavlos beach

To the north of Triopetra Beach, you can visit the wild beaches of Ligres, Heromilia, Katsouni, Agia Fotini, before finally reaching the spectacular Preveli beach. Famous in the whole island and even the world, it is quite a sight, with the river breaking through the canyon and flowing into the sea right on the beach, surrounded by palm trees and dramatic ridges.

Where to Stay near Triopetra Beach, Crete

The lower hills between the coast and the mountains next to Triopetra Beach are dotted with little villas surrounded by olive groves, perfect to spend authentic holidays in Crete. There are plenty of choices where you are guaranteed tranquility and privacy, far from the bustle of large seaside resorts. There are some accommodation options just several minutes of walking from the beach, most of them featuring small pools, large shaded gardens and gorgeous panoramas of the coast.

The beach of Triopetra

Triopetra Blue Horizon Villas

Located on a small hill minutes from Triopetra Beach, it consists of three superb Cretan villas with private swimming pools and unforgettable views of the sea. Each villa offers a few perfectly equipped bedrooms that can accommodate small groups, also featuring large living rooms, several bathrooms and fully-equipped kitchen.
☏ +30 698 188 4658

Hill of Calm Hotel

Located just above the Little Triopetra Beach, this charming hotel offers unique panoramas of the coast and the nearby islands, especially during sunsets. It features large and comfortable rooms, shared spaces that include a kitchen and dining room, as well as an organic swimming pool.
☏ +30 697 208 8614

Notos Apartments

Situated on a hillside between the Triopetra and Little Triopetra beaches, these establishments include double rooms and studios that are perfectly equipped for all your needs. Guests enjoy breathtaking views of the coast and the sea, as well as easy access to the nearby beaches.
☏ +30 697 686 0457

Triopetra beach on sunset

Where to Eat near Triopetra Beach

Apanemia Tavern

This family run business is located on the beach of Little Triopetra, offering authentic Cretan food served in a charming atmosphere. The dishes of each day are prepared from local fresh ingredients, including fish and seafood.
☏ +30 697 212 2186

Pelagos Tavern

Located right on the Triopetra Beach, this traditional tavern serves delicious Greek and Mediterranean food, including fish and barbeque specialties.
☏ +30 697 385 5123

Filenia Tavern

This extremely appreciated tavern is located in the hills about 3 km away from the beaches of Triopetra, offering a welcoming atmosphere and amazing traditional food that includes barbecues, seafood, fish and salads.
☏ +30 697 209 3646

Best Time to Visit Triopetra Beach

Crete is almost an all-season destination, although few people arrive during the winter, when the weather is too cold and rainy for swimming and enjoying nature. Nevertheless, from April to November, it is perfect for any type of activity and Triopetra Beach is one of the most fascinating destinations.

It is almost never too crowded and there are a lot of small coves and wild patches of beach to find relative privacy. During the peak of summer, the days can be unbearably hot at times, so you should avoid going out at midday.