Kokkini Hani is a small resort about 10 minutes drive from the Rental Center Crete Heraklion airport station. A scenic drive along the old road will take you along a winding coastal road with spectacular views. A wide sandy beach marks the entrance to Vathianos Kombos and then into Kokkini Hani proper, though the two places are often thought of as Kokkini Hani.

Kokkini is not a thriving busy tourist resort so if you are looking for non-stop partying then you would be best to check out Hersonissos and Malia. Kokkini is more suitable for young families or couples who want to chill out and find their own little corner to relax in. Having said that, however, the central location of the resort makes it an ideal base from which to explore the island.
Like many other coastal villages, Kokkini was originally a fishing village and a place to swim for the occupants of the mountain villages nearby. Its history goes back to Minoan times and a small archeological site at the entrance to the resort testifies to that fact.

Getting There
Kokkini is very accessible as it is only 10 minutes drive from the airport, 20 minutes by bus and about 15-20 euro by taxi (depending on the time of day or night). You can take the direct route via the highway or the more scenic drive along the ‘old road’).

Kokkini Hani Accommodation
Where there used to be small family run hotels and rent rooms a-plenty, there are now all-inclusive hotels. If you like this kind of holiday, then you are well-catered for. If you are the more independent type, then there are still some places for you also as tour operators have abandoned the smaller properties to their fate. This is good news for the independent traveler and the internet makes it easy to find and book these accommodations or, if you prefer, you can take pot luck and look for a place on arrival.

Kokkini Hani Entertainment
There are some bars and cafeterias along the main stretch of road through Kokkini which can get quite busy during the summer. The atmosphere is friendly and you are sure to make friends with the locals. If you explore along the beach road, you will also find some quieter spots to sit and enjoy the spectacular sunsets and listen to the waves lap the shore as you sip your drink of choice later on. For anything wilder, a trip to the nearby resorts of Chersonissos by car (about 20 minutes) and Malia (about 30 minutes) are in order.

port of kokkini hani night view | travel guide of kokkin hani

Sights to See
The jewel in the crown is the Cretaquarium, an aquarium dedicated to the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea. It will delight both young and old and is only few kilometers east of Kokkini. To the west, the capital of the island, Heraklion, is readily accessible by local bus and well worth a visit for its cosmopolitan air and shops. Knossos, the mysterious Minoan Palace with its bull jumpers and labyrinths, is one of the reasons a lot of people come to Crete and shouldn’t be missed. It is situated just outside Heraklion and it is very easy to drive to. Within Kokkini itself, the smaller Minoan site called Niros is the remains of a Minoan villa. A short drive up into the mountain behind Kokkini takes you to the charming village of Anopolis which retains a lot of the traditions of Crete and nearby the not-so-traditional WaterCity water park.

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