Karoumes Beach

Karoumes Beach ranks 207th out of 477 beaches in the island of Crete. The beach of Karoumes is established at the exit of the majestic gorge of Chochlakies, which is part of the E4 trail. Karoumes Beach is approximately 100 km east of Agios Nikolaos, 30 km east of Sitia, and some 10 km south of Palekastro. It is only accessible via private boat or through hiking at the Chochlakies gorge. The trail to the canyon starts about 1 km east of the Chochlakies village. The lovely gorge is 3.5 km long and crossing it takes about an hour and a half. The beach is entirely unorganised. There are no amenities available at the beach, only nature at its finest. The beach is not frequented by many people because it is in a secluded area. Kroumes beach has a sandy grey and pebble cover. However, the site is clean and peaceful. The entrance to its clear water is gentle, the bottom is comfortable. There are usually no strong waves during the season. However, the beach does not have a wave-protected swimming area.

The month with the highest temperatures in Karoumes Beach is August, while January is the coldest month.  Karoumes Beach is deserted at most times, even during the high season. People who visit the area are able to enjoy the whole beach for themselves. There are not many activities on the beach compared to other beaches in Crete, where water sports are abundant. Typically, the activities at the beach include sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, camping, and hiking. Be sure to bring along enough water and snacks for the stay, because there are no restaurants or bars straight on Karoumes Beach. What makes Karoumes a breathtaking beach is its remote, unspoiled, peaceful beauty. It is not a popular beach in Crete, so it has maintained its natural charm away from the urban centres.

What is Karoumes Beach?

Karoumes Beach is the most remote beach in eastern Crete. The beach of Karoumes is located at the exit of Chochlakies Gorge. It is a lovely, quiet, and calm spot with grey sand, small pebbles, with crystal clear waters. It is immaculate; the surface has a mixed fraction, and the turquoise water sparkles in the sun.  Several trees are in the area, providing shade during the hot weather. Limestone rock formations surround the beach on both sides.  Karoumes Beach is ideal for people who love seclusion because its location is away from urban centres and big crowds. The beach has natural shades and no crowd, so it is nudist-friendly. The Karoumes beach is suitable for different categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers, etc. It is an almost deserted place, even during the high season. The bay of Karoumes is the only anchorage on the steep coast, and is formed by the north to the north-east face of Traostalos, which is known characteristically as “Adavatos,” or “Impassable.”  Habitation in the bay of Karoumes covers a long interval, from the Neolithic period to the Roman times. The Minoan era is represented by three megalithic buildings and an extensive series of walls and enclosures that change and organise the original form of the hills. Furthermore, the coastline between Karoumes Beach and that of Zakros is of great interest, not only for the significant Neolithic occupation of the Pelekita cave but for the systematic quarrying of limestone and pores in Minoan times.

Where is Karoumes Beach located?

Karomues Beach is located 110 km east of Agios Nikolaos, and 29 km southeast of Sitia. Karoumes Beach is at the exit of Chochlakies Gorge. The beach is located in a natural place, among the mountains. The beach is not a well-known place, and it is well suited for relaxing leisure. Entrance to the beach is done through hiking in Chochlakies Gorge or a private boat. The trail to the gorge begins about 1 km east of the village of Chochlakies. After the hike, hikers are treated to the majestic beauty of Karoumes Beach, such a lovely reward after a tiring walk.

How does the Karoumes Beach Map look?

Below is the map of Karoumes Beach.

Karoumes Beach map

Karoumes Beach is one of the many beaches in the Region of Crete. It is one of the beaches of the Chochlakie settlement, just 2.7 km from its center.  Karoumes Beach is located 8 km south of Palekastro and 26 km from Sitia. Going to Karoumes Beach requires hiking the gorgeous Chochlakies gorge.

What are the activities in Karoumes Beach?

Karoumes Beach is a secluded beach ideal for people who want to avoid crowded beaches. Since Karoumes Beach is very secluded, there are no amenities found on the beach. However, it doesn’t make it less attractive to many people. Sunbathing is one of the main activities on the beach. There are no sun loungers on Kroumes Beach, so beach goers need to bring their own umbrellas or other necessities. Although there are no amenities available at the beach, there are still some activities that most people enjoy, like swimming, snorkelling, camping, and of course, hiking. Visitors are not able to access the beach without a bit of hiking through the Chochlakes Gorge.

When is the best time to visit Karoumes Beach?

The best time to visit Karoumes Beach is during summer. Going to Karoumes Beach during June before the crowds of July and August.  Karoumes Beach enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate like the rest of Crete, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The weather in the southern part of Crete is ideal from June to September.  The riverbed at Chochlakies gorge is usually dry during the hot summer, so crossing it is easy. Another conducive time to go for cooler temperatures is in the spring and autumn. The month with the highest temperatures in Karoumes Beach is in August. Its average value reaches 29 °C. The coldest month is January, with air temperature of 12 °C and water temperature of 17 °C.

Karoumes Beach

How was the preservation of Karoumes Beach?

The area of Karoumes Beach is part of the Sitia Geopark, and a protected area of the European Ecological Network Natura 2000, the site of Zakros is well-preserved and protected. These protected areas of Zakros include its coastline, and the mountains west, east, and south. The flora and fauna, archeological sites of the Minoan, sites of palaeontological interest, and other historical settlements.

How do you get to Karoumes Beach?

To go to Karoumes Beach from Sitia, simply follow the Sitia-Zakros roads, passing through Palaikastro. After that, visitors leave their cars at the village of Karoumes by the little village church and continue on foot for about one kilometre. The walk takes visitors into the gorge, which takes about an hour to traverse, and leads to the Karoumes Beach. The path from the village to Karoumes Beach is included in the E4 European Long-distance trail. That section is often times considered to be the unofficial endpoint of the E4. Karoumes Beach is not reachable by car, but another alternative hiking route begins at the village of Kato Zakros to the south. Visitors need to take a harder and longer direct through Pelekita Cave and a Minoan quarry. The Chochlakies Gorge is 1.5 km in total, and its vertical cliffs produce a nesting place for many kinds of birds. North of Karoumes Beach is where more beaches are found, including Skinisas and Mafroumouri Beach.

What are nearby attractions in Karoumes Beach?

Listed below are the nearby attractions in Karoumes Beach.

  • Skinias beach: Skinia Beach is located on the eastern coast of Crete. The small bay forms two beaches, with crystal clear waters surrounded by towering cliffs. The southern part is pebbly, but the northern region has coarse sand. The two beach areas are ideal for swimming. Rocks frame the area in between. The fastest way to reach Skinias is along a dirt road starting from the settlement Agathias, 1 km east of Palekastro to the Plativola area and the little temple of Agios Spyridon.
  • Pelekita Cave: One of the largest caves in Crete is the Pelekita Cave. Pelekita Cave is located northeast of the small coastal village of Kato Zakros, between Karoumes, and Kato Zakros beach. The cave is accessible by walking one hour from Kato Zakros, or from the beach of the village by using a mechanised boat and then making an ascent. It has a length of about 310 m. Pelekita Cave’s unique features consist of rich stalactite and stalagmite and its spectacular boulders. The cave is called Cave Sikia (fig tree), named after the old fig tree near its entrance. “Pelekita” or “carved,” comes from the ancient quarry along the cave used to extract boulders for constructing the Minoan Palace of Zakros. The cave occupies an area of approximately 500 square metres. However, the site is much more extensive if its inclinations are taken into account. A complete mapping of the cave was done at the end of November 1969 by members of the Greek Speleological Society led by I. Ioannou.
  • Roussolakos Minoan Town: Roussolakos Minoan Town is located 91 km southeast of Agios Nikolaos, right next to the beach of Hiona. Archaeologists have discovered an important town of Minoan Crete in the area. The city was excavated by the British School of Archaeology in the 20th century. The town is divided into nine districts, separated by the main road. The oldest races found in the area indicate that people inhabited the region from the middle of the third millennium BC. However, the most significant development of this place fell for later centuries. Although the prominent Minoan name of the settlement has not been known so far, then the name Roussolakos, meaning the red wastes, adhered to the place. Previous discoveries reveal that the Minoan City, which was located on the site, was a dynamic shopping centre. It is estimated that the city during its peak was 50,000 square feet (4,645.15 square metres). A characteristic feature of Minoan settlements was the lack of defensive walls. The city was relatively compact, and the narrowly built houses were separated by narrow, cobbled streets. Modern researchers have identified within its boundaries several parts, “districts,” which they called the letters of the Greek alphabet.
  • Maza Gorge: Maza Gorge starts in Karydi and ends outside Adravasti. It is a long gorge with impressive landforms. However, the trail is only for experienced hikers as it requires canyoneering. Maza Gorge used to be the main route between the settlements of the area. Maza Gorge’s stream continues until it meets the gorge of Zakros, at position Lenika, and continues its course to the beach of Kato Zakros. It has a long and impressive landform inside. Maza Gorge was the main road connecting various hamlets in the past.

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete?

The beautiful island of Crete is a must-see place for people who love the rich culture and its historical past. There are different ways to explore the majestic island, but one way to enjoy it is by renting a car. Learning how to choose the right vehicle to rent in Crete definitely makes the most of one’s time enjoying the beautiful tourist spots.

Listed below are the factors to consider before renting a car in Crete.

  • Insurance: Car rental insurance is essential, as it protects a passenger against the cost of damage when renting a car. Crete car rental includes insurance for collision damage waiver, and a driver’s credit card is required as a guarantee.
  • Driver’s age: The legal age requirement when driving in Crete is 18. The driver must have a valid driving licence and essential documents like an ID or passport.
  • Driver’s gender: Women and men are permitted to drive in Crete. As long as the driver is of the legal age of 18, driving is allowed in Crete, regardless of gender.
  • Car type: Travelling with groups or family members requires a much bigger car. Car rental companies in Crete offer a variety of vehicles to choose from. Selecting a smaller car is best when driving in Crete. The reason for that is that some Greek roads are narrow. Travellers must learn how to choose the right car to rent in Crete to have a comfortable driving experience.
  • Documents needed for renting a car: One important document required for renting a vehicle is a valid driving licence. However, a credit or debit card may be presented as well, including a passport or an ID card.

How much does a car rental in Crete cost?

The island of Crete is best travelled using a rented vehicle. Visitors get faster to Crete’s top destinations using a rented car. Crete car rental costs vary depending on the number of persons, itinerary, car type, destination, and duration. The average cost of renting a car in Crete is around €30 to €40 per day. A car rented for a whole week costs an average of €250. Renting a vehicle for the weekend costs around €78. Crete car rental rates differ depending on the car type. Car rental companies offer a variety of cars depending on customers’ liking. Most car rental shops in Crete provide an online booking system, whenever customers want to book a car. Simply follow the process and instantly book a vehicle on their website. Before availing of a rental car service in Crete, check and secure all the requirements.

How much does it cost to get to Karoumes Beach?

Getting to Karoumes Beach costs almost nothing. Karoumes Beach is free for all. The beach has no amenities, no entrance fee, and no vendors and other shops in the area. People who go to Karoumes beach bring their own food and drinks, as there are no available taverns or restaurants on the site.

Where to stay near Karoumes Beach?

Listed below are the three best hotels near Karoumes Beach.

  1. Hellas Hotel: Hellas Hotel is just a 20-minute walk from the beach and is situated in the heart of Palekastro. The location of Hellas Hotel is within walking distance of restaurants, cafés, small markets, and a bus station. Hellas Hotel’s rooms are furnished and equipped with a mini fridge, and a TV with satellite and cable channels. All rooms feature a private bath, shower, air conditioning, and a private balcony. The restaurant in Hellas Hotel serves Greek and local Cretan cuisines.  Hotel Hellas receives an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars among the hotels near Karoumes Beach.
  2. Castri Village: Castri Village is an ideal hotel for people who want comfort, and convenience. Castri Village is located on Kouremenos beach, Palaikastron, Crete. Among its many amenities are a pool, free internet, free parking, bicycle rental, a game room, and free breakfast. Children are provided with books, DVDs, music, and Children’s television networks. Rooms have a view of the ocean, and are equipped with a refrigerator, air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a housekeeping service. Castri Village receives an average customer rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. Customers love its beautiful view and the kind staff of the hotel.
  3. Hiona Holiday Hotel: Rooms at Hiona Holiday Hotel offer minibar and air-conditioning, providing excellent comfort and convenience. Baggage storage and a sun terrace are some conveniences offered at the Hiona Holiday Hotel. A pool and a lounge help to make each of the guests’ stay even more special. Free parking is available for guests. The hotel staff is warm and welcoming. Hiona Holiday Hotel receives an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from its hotel guests. Other amenities at Hiona Holiday Hotel include free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and bicycle rental, and it is pet friendly.

Where to eat near Karoumes Beach?

Listed below are the three best restaurants in and near Karoumes Beach.

  • Restaurant ELENA: The ELENA Restaurant is located in Palaikastro, Sitia, Crete. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner, brunch, and drinks. Mediterranean, Greek, and seafood dishes are its specialties. People who observe a certain diet must visit the restaurant as they serve vegetarian dishes, and gluten-free meals. Restaurant ELENA has a local atmosphere and exceptional Greek cuisine. The staff is friendly and the owner too, all of them are very kind and always take care of their guests. It is a lovely restaurant that has amazing service and a great family-run tavern.
  • Retro Family Tavern: The Retro Family Tavern is located in Pesonthon Ethnikon Agonon, Palaikastro, Crete. The family tavern serves Greek and Healthy dishes. Retro Family Tavern is a cosy place run by an energetic owner whose full attention is on the clients. The restaurant has a random daily menu prepared. Retro Family Tavern is an authentic family-run restaurant with outstanding food and friendly staff.
  • Nostos: Nostos is located in Kato Zakros, Crete. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. Some of their special dishes include seafood, Mediterranean, and Greek. Nostos is vegetarian-friendly, it has vegan options and gluten-free options. At Nostos, food and hospitality are always good.

Is Karoumes Beach worth visiting?

Yes, Karoumes Beach is worth visiting. Karoumes Beach is the perfect place to spend time with the family. Whether sticking a toe in the water, or looking for treasures on the shoreline, Karoumes has its own beauty compared to some organised best beaches in Crete. Families get to spend a quiet picnic and make a day out of it. Karoumes is a secluded beach worth visiting because of its clean area and clear waters. There are not many activities at the beach, making it an ideal palace for ultimate quiet relaxation.

Is Karoumes Beach safe?

Yes, Karoumes Beach is safe. Karoumes beach is a secluded beach where there are no amenities like most beaches in Crete. The beach is not at all organised and there is no infrastructure in the area. Karoumes Beach is the most remote beach in eastern Crete. Expect to see no crowd. To access the Karoumes beach, one must first hike the Chochlakies gorge. Hiking in Chochlakies Gorge is considered to be an easy hike. However, the canyon is inaccessible during the winter because the riverbank is full of water. During spring, hikers need to climb some rocks to overcome the water ponds. Chochlakies Gorge is not a technical gorge and does not require any special mountain climbing tools. Hiking, in general, requires physical strength and endurance. Chochlakies gorge is quite wide, has high rocky walls, and is exposed to strong winds. Hikers need to wear proper hiking shoes and a pair of gloves when climbing over the stones. A brook flows through the gorge most months of the year, and hikers must be extra careful not to step on loose stones.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Karoumes Beach?

No, there is no need to book in advance to visit Karoumes Beach. As a matter of fact, Karoumes beach is free for anyone. It has no amenities, only nature at its best. Karoumes Beach is not an organised beach. Thus, spending money at the beach is not needed. Getting to Karomues Beach is quite simple. Just take a short walk along the trail. Hiking the Gorge of Chochlakies leads to Karoumes Beach.

Are children permitted at Karoumes Beach?

Yes, children are permitted at Karoumes Beach. Before reaching Karoumes Beach, hiking first through the Chocklakies is required. Hiking through the Chochlakies is considered to be an easy hike. However, the gorge is inaccessible after rainfalls, so make sure to visit the canyon during pleasant weather. Hiking through the Chochlakies Gorge takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes. During the walk, hikers get to enjoy the lovely scenery. Children get to see goats roaming around the area too.  At the end of the hike, hikers are able to enjoy the Karoumes beach at the end of the hike. Children are definitely going to enjoy a swim or a picnic at the deserted beach. Karoumes Beach is one of the best beaches in Crete for toddlers and young kids.


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