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Top Attractions & Places you must visit in Chania Region

Agia Roumeli Crete
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October 12, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Agia Roumeli

Agia Roumeli CreteAgia Roumeli is an untouched, quaint village tucked into the picturesque south coast of Crete.The village’s dramatic landscape is home to unique flora, rare fauna, and sits at the mouth of a deep gorge. This gorge is a national park in south Crete, thanks to its astonishing ecosystems and breathtaking beauty, which draws in a fair crowd of travellers each year - many of whom are looking for a holiday off the beaten path. Read article

Kedrodasos Crete Greece
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September 25, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Kedrodasos

Kedrodasos Crete GreeceWith a touch of history, culture, and breathtaking views- Crete is one of the most visited places in Greece. Hundreds of mesmerizing beaches surround the island, but for those looking for something off the beaten path - Kedrodasos beach would be the piece of paradise you didn't know you needed. The beach itself is located in the south-western part of Crete, a few kilometers away from Chania and the ever famous Elafonissi beach. In addition, it has a few accommodations nearby, making it the perfect place for any traveler. Read article

Bars in Chania
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September 13, 2021

The Best Pubs and Bars in Chania You’ll Certainly Love

Bars in ChaniaWe all love to have a beer or two on a nice summer evening. However, nothing compares to drinking in one of the many bars and pubs that Chania has to offer. The delightful mix of Greek and European charm, combined with traditional handmade drinks, is just what any visitor would hope for. Read article

Agia Triada Tsagkarolon Monastery - Holy Trinity
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June 23, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery

Agia Triada Tsagkarolon Monastery - Holy TrinityThe fascinating Byzantine monastery of the Holy Trinity is known as Tzagaroli after the two brothers that built it in the 17th century, belonging to a Venetian family by the name of Zangaroli. The monastery is beautifully located on the slopes of the Akrotiri Peninsula, just a few kilometers from the city of Chania in western Crete. Read article

Maleme Crete
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April 14, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Maleme

Maleme CreteThere are so many amazing places to explore in Crete that it can become challenging to choose a destination, with each having its own authentic charm. One small village that could provide the perfect Cretan holiday is Maleme, located on the northwestern part of the island, just 16 km west of the city of Chania. With its long stretch of excellent beaches, the gulf of Chania is one of the most enchanting destinations in Crete, offering a beautiful natural setting and unique cultural sights. The village of Maleme is a developing resort, with a wonderful beach and plenty of services along the seaside, making it perfect if you wish to have everything within walking distance. Read article

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