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Top Attractions & Places you must visit in Chania Region

All About Samaria Gorge
Rental Center Crete
October 8, 2018
7 mins 35 secs

Samaria Gorge: What you must know before visiting!

All About Samaria Gorge One of the most breathtaking and longest hiking routes in Europe, the Samaria Gorge tops the list of must see things in Crete. An important natural landmark of Crete, over the years the Samaria Gorge has played a crucial role in both the Cretan and Mediterranean history. Often referred to as the land of gorges, Crete’s natural landscape is dotted by over 400 canyons and is home to the largest number of gorges in Greece — Samaria Gorge being the crown jewel of all. Here’s everything you need to know about Samaria Gorge in Crete. Read article

Paleochora - everything you need to know
Rental Center Crete
October 4, 2018
7 mins 11 secs

Everything You Need To Know about Paleochora – Crete

Paleochora - everything you need to know The quaint seaside town of Paleochora lies on the southwest coast of Crete. Set on a charming peninsula, it was built on the ruins of what was once the ancient Dorian city of Kalamydi. With 11 km of coastline bordering the Libyan Sea, Paleochora has much to offer to its visitors in terms of the diversity of its coastline, from well organized beaches to small sheltered anchorages. This small town in Crete has managed to win the hearts of thousands of visitors, who keep returning to this special place over and over again. For those planning a holiday to Paleochora Crete, here is everything you need to know. Read article

Parking in Chania
Rental Center Crete
September 7, 2018
1 min 41 secs

Parking spots in Chania: Where to Park in Chania

Parking in Chania Renting a car is one of the most ideal ways to go about exploring the gorgeous island of Crete. It is so vast and so diverse that conventional ways of touring will simply not convey how it is to see the Crete through the eyes of a local. So many destinations, so many hidden spots, so many routes to take; the possibilities are absolutely endless. Cosmopolitan cities, traditional towns, spectacular beaches, iconic landmarks, picturesque villages, quaint harbours, riveting ravines and pristine mountains: Crete does in fact have it all. Read article

Cretan Brewery in Chania
Rental Center Crete
July 2, 2018
3 mins 41 secs

Visiting the Cretan Brewery in Chania

Cretan Brewery in Chania If you thought that Crete only produces high quality raki, then think again. Beer lovers especially will be thrilled to find out that there is a local and utterly delicious family of beers made in the Cretan Brewery in Chania, having been established approximately 11 years ago. Charma Beer is produced in the Cretan Brewery, located in the area of Zounaki Platanias in Chania and has perfected three unique and delectable brews that are both distinct and distinguished. So, spending a day discovering the flavours, types and history of Crete’s beer is definitely something worth experiencing. Read article

Samonas Traditional Villas in Chania Crete
Rental Center Crete
May 30, 2018
3 mins 5 secs

Samonas Traditional Villas: A Cretan Stay Experience

Samonas Traditional Villas in Chania Crete Get to experience the traditional way of discovering Chania, one of Crete’s most inspiring prefectures. Chania is an enchanting location that simply has it all. A main harbor that is absolutely picturesque, where the passing of Venetian rule has left its permanent mark; positively striking, exotic beaches that will take your breath away and mountain landscapes covered in a veil of wilderness; a handful of traditional villages that nurture a sense of nostalgic yearning and embrace you with their congenial charm.  Read article

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