Greece Road trip with Car rental
May 24, 2021

What type of cars can I rent in Greece?

Greece Road trip with Car rentalRenting a vehicle for your holiday in Greece is a great choice. You are going to be able to see more sites, visit more beaches, and enjoy the beautiful country on your own schedule at your own pace. Read article

Cost of Renting a car in Greece
May 24, 2021

What is the Average Cost of Renting a Car in Greece?

Cost of Renting a car in GreeceThe best way to see this gorgeous country is to rent a vehicle. Using a rental car gets you to your destination quickly.Renting a car is the most flexible and personable way to introduce yourself to the country of Greece and you get to travel at your speed and on your schedule. Read article

Travel Insurance Paperwork in Car rental
May 23, 2021

Does Travel Insurance Cover Me to Rent a Car in Greece?

Travel Insurance Paperwork in Car rentalWhen traveling to a different state or country, it is essential to have travel insurance coverage. The coverage can protect you from certain financial risks or losses that may occur during your travels. Read article

Compact cars in Parking
May 23, 2021

Personal Insurance for a Rental Car

Compact cars in ParkingBefore we get started talking about how insurance works for rental cars, we want to let you know that at Rental Center Crete, our premium insurance plan is all-inclusive, which means it’s also included in the advertised rental price!Not all agencies are created equal, however, so we’ll give you a rundown of what you might find at other agencies. Read article

Blonde young girl driving in Crete
May 22, 2021

How old must you be to rent a car in Crete?

Blonde young girl driving in Crete Crete is a beautiful destination, and you can better enjoy all aspects of it while driving. Driving in Crete is not as complicated as people sometimes portray it to be as long as you follow the law and meet a few criteria. Read article

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