Best Restaurants in Chania
August 19, 2020

7 Best Restaurants in Chania – Crete

Best Restaurants in ChaniaThe second-largest city in Crete, after the capital city of Heraklion, Chania boasts an ancient and incredible history and mythical heritage. And one of the more tangible aspects of this long and vivid historical legacy would be Chania's fantastic catalog of culinary delights. Chania, known for stunning vistas of the turquoise sea and pastel buildings that evoke Venetian, arabesque, and even Roman architecture and design, also has a thing or two up its sleeve in regards to preparing good eats. Read article

Top Restaurants in Heraklion
August 12, 2020

8 Best Restaurants in Heraklion – Crete

Top Restaurants in HeraklionWith a history spanning thousands of years, and a cultural and culinary tradition synthesising some of the best food of the Mediterranean, Crete is the place to enjoy great sites, sounds, views, vistas, and delectable cuisine.In Crete's breathtaking port capital of Heraklion, restaurants are plentiful! And while many may be within walking distance to your hotel or accommodations, renting a car in Crete and heading out to further locales will be more than worth your trip. Read article

All About Richtis Gorge
August 5, 2020

Everything you Need to Know About the Richtis Gorge in Crete

All About Richtis GorgeThe Richtis Gorge is the highlight of one of the most unspoilt regions of Crete and nature lovers will be pleased to discover this stunning landscape. Read article

Preveli Beach
July 29, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Preveli Beach

Preveli BeachOne of the most fascinating places in Crete is the stunning Preveli beach, a unique destination in the south of the island. The splendid beach has a little river running into the sea from the mountains, surrounded by palm trees and offering an incredible experience while visiting Crete. Also known as Palm Beach, this is one of those places that captures the heart and imagination of every traveler. Here are the most important things to know about Preveli beach in Crete. Read article

everything seitan limania beach in Crete
July 22, 2020

Everything you Need to Know About Seitan Limania, Crete

everything seitan limania beach in CreteIs this one of Greece’s most Instagrammable beaches? Definitely. Seitan Limani is extraordinary and unique, and well worth seeing out. Read article

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