Everything You Need to Know About Agiofaraggo Beach

October 20, 2021

Agiofaraggo CreteAgiofaraggo is within walking distance through a deep gorge surrounded by jagged cliffs that are safe to venture through. The beach at the exit of the gorge is spectacular, with small pebbles and crystal clear waters. As opposed to taking the ferry to the beach, the trip through the ravine is breathtaking.

Facts About Crete

October 16, 2021

Facts about Crete IslandIf you're a traveler by soul and Crete is one of the many countries on your bucket list, then you're in for a huge treat. The island is among the best places to visit in the world, and you're certainly going to love it. So whether you're a solo traveler, a couple on your honeymoon, or with your family, Crete is a place you should all visit.

The Best Hotels in Elounda For All Travelers

October 15, 2021

Elounda HotelsFound on the northern coast of Crete, Elounda is a small yet fascinating town filled with various tourist spots. From white sand beaches to historic buildings, you can surely spend a relaxing holiday here. However, one challenge you may face when visiting this beautiful town is finding the right place to stay. Several hotels of all sizes, shapes, and budgets are located in Elounda.

The Best Agios Nikolaos Hotels For an Unforgettable Crete Vacation

October 14, 2021

Agios Nikolaos HotelsLasithi is a region filled with beautiful, lively towns. However, one town that certainly stands out is none other than Agios Nikolaos. With famous tourists spots like Lake Voulismeni, Voulisma Beach, and Spinalonga island, it is easy to see why Agios Nikolaos is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Everything You Need to Know About Agia Roumeli

October 12, 2021

Agia Roumeli CreteAgia Roumeli is an untouched, quaint village tucked into the picturesque south coast of Crete.The village’s dramatic landscape is home to unique flora, rare fauna, and sits at the mouth of a deep gorge. This gorge is a national park in south Crete, thanks to its astonishing ecosystems and breathtaking beauty, which draws in a fair crowd of travellers each year - many of whom are looking for a holiday off the beaten path.

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