Makrigialos Crete

In the remote southeastern corner of Crete, this beach resort on the Libyan Sea is famous for its beach. In fact- that’s its name. “Makry” + long and “Gialos” + beach. Sometimes it is spelled as two words, to avoid confusion with the other Makrigialos, far away in the Pieria region in Northern Greece.

Skyline in Makrygialos

All You Need to Know about Makrigialos

Embraced in the curve of a lovely bay is a spectacularly long sandy beach. The south coast is known for having deep waters, but not Makrigialos- this is a shallow beach. Nice for families. The port is picturesque and charming.There are many excellent places to aeat wholesome and delicious local cuisine. And there is also good nightlife, centred around lively beach bars. The nice thing about Makrigialos is that it is suitable for everyone- families enjoy the beach and the tavernas, and younger people enjoy the livelier side of the town.

Makrigialos beach town cafe tables

The town is not large, and has a welcoming mood. One thing that helps it to have an authentic character is the fact that there are few hotels. Most of the accommodations are pensiones, apartments, and rooms. This makes the mood more intimate and less impersonal like many large beach resorts.

Makrigialos Unique Skyline Aerial View

Where is Makrigialos Located?

The great thing about Makrigialos is that is feels like it is at the edge of the world. It actually is at the edge of Europe. The Lassithi regional unit at Crete’s eastern edge is the most remote and untravelled, and the south coast is quieter than the north coast. Makrigialos is on Lassithi southern coast. Of course, we are still on an island- so even though it feels remote, Makrigialos is not difficult to reach.

Makrigialos Crete - Beach view

How to Get to Makrigialos

The easiest way to reach Makrigialos is by car from the Heraklion airport. The rental office is right at the airport. From there, the drive is about an hour and 45 minutes. An alternative route via country roads over the mountains takes a little over two hours but it’s a very beautiful and quiet drive. Alternatively, you can take the KTEL bus service to Ierapetra– there are several departures daily, and the trip takes about two and a half hours. Or you can take the KTEL to Sitia– there are fewer daily departures. Makrigialos is on the line that runs between Sitia and Ierapetra. From Ierapetra, you’ll need to take another KTEL to “Marki Gialos” (note they call it by this name on the Ktel site). And from Sitia, this is the link.

Promenade at Makrygialos

The KTEL station is near the harbor of Heraklion, easily reached from the airport.

There is a small airport in Sitia, and Makrigialos is just over 45 minutes by car from there.

The History of Makrigialos

Like much of Crete, the history of the region around Makrigialos stretches back to Minoan times and even earlier. The Minoan culture was an advanced Bronze Age civilization that was at its height from 1700 – 1500 BC (They were around for ages though- 3500 -1100 BC). To put it into perspective, this is over 1,000 years before the Golden Age of Athens, when the Parthenon was built. One of the 4 major Minoan Palaces was not far from Makrigialos, and the ruins of a Minoan villa have been found right outside Makrigialos itself.

What to See and Do in Makrigialos

Makrigialos is all about the gorgeous beach! This is a great place for watersports and boat trips. There are activities for every age and level of skill, from peddle boats to snorkelling to jet ski.

The harbor is completely charming for a stroll, and there are many god tavernas, cafes, and beach bars.

Enjoy a Beach Holiday: Gorgeous Beaches Near Makrygialos

Secluded beach in Makrygialos

Makrigialos is a great beach, but it is not the only beach! It’s a great idea to have a car so you can go and explore, because Lassithi is marvelous for beaches with unique character.

Vai, with its palm forest (Europe’s largest), is one of the most famous beaches on the island. Silky sands and palms and emerald waters make Vai truly magical. Vai is about an hour away by car.

Kalo Nero means “Good Water” and it is. This is one of the easternmost beaches on the south coast and worth visiting. Bring water and an umbrella and everything else you think you might need because this is a wild, unserviced beach. It’s about 12 minutes away by car.

Xerokampos beach probably takes its slightly Italian-sounding name from the Venetians. Rugged, remote and splendid, it is in the southeastern end of Lassithi, an hour away by car. People love Ammoudi- also called Dragon’s Beach – for its white sands! It’s just about ten minutes away by car.

Voulisma beach, a full-service beach on the north coast, is one of the most popular beaches on the island because of its clear waters with astonishing color and its beautiful sands. It’s less than an hour away by car.

Swimming Pool at Luxury hotel in Makrigialos

Activities Around Makrigialos

Discover the wild natural beauty of Koufonisia, a small island that is a protected Wildlife Refuge and part of the Natura 2000 network. Day cruises leave from Makrigialos for an unforgettable experience. It’s hard to pull yourself away from the beautiful beaches, but Crete really does have astounding nature. Explore the inland with a hike around the dramatic and unspoiled Milonas Gorge. A 25 minute drive to the west brings you to this gorge famous for its waterfall and pool. Another gorge begins at the village of Hammetoulo and ends at Xerokampos for a 3 km hike.

Cultural Excursions around Makrigialos

There is Minoan palace complex in Gournia that was excavated extensively in the early 20th century, revealing some 60 homes and a central palace. A major site for those interested in Archaeology is the Minoan Palace of Zakros. The last of the four major palaces to be excavated, it’s also the smallest. The palace was never looted, so the findings were extraordinary. The magnificent findings include objects considered masterpieces of Minoan art. They are now housed at the Archaeological Museum of Sitia. Near Sitia and an hour’s drive from Makrigialos is the 15th century Toplou Monastery, with its 33 meter high tower, amid a dramatic and barren landscape. There is also a winery here, with informative tours. Very close to Makrigialos – just a15 minute drive – is the Kapsa Monastery, built into the side of a cliff with views to the Libyan sea and Koufonisia.

Where to Stay in & Near Makrigialos

Many accommodations surround Makrigialos so locating one wouldn’t be a problem. Whether you need an affordable hotel or a luxurious five-star resort, you can always find what you are looking for. With that said, here are some of the must-visit hotels in the area.

Coriva Beach Hotel

Located only 7.9 miles from Makrigialos Beach, this hotel is a great choice for sun and fun. You can expect high-end accommodation at Coriva Beach Hotel with its private balcony, wonderful view, and luxury amenities. Plus, an outdoor pool is available for your enjoyment.

Address: Koutsounari, Ierapetra, Crete 72200 Greece
Contact: +30 2842 061263

Sunwing Makrigialos Beach

If you don’t want to travel far, then staying in Sunwing Makrigialos Beach is a great idea. The hotel has a spacious pool area, gym center, bar and a beautiful view of the sea. Their rooms are beautifully designed with modern amenities like free WiFi, a kitchenette, a private bathroom, and more. It’s the perfect getaway that’s worth the price.

Address: Makry-Gialos, Crete 720 55 Greece
Contact: +30 2843 064300

Hotel Porto Belissario

Hotel Porto Belissario is located only 6.6 miles away from Makrigialos Beach. The hotel’s guest rooms provide facilities such as a fridge and air conditioning. Plus, visitors can use the hotel’s complimentary WiFi to stay connected. To make your stay more pleasurable, Hotel Porto Belissario has a concierge, room service, and a sun terrace.

Address: Ferma, Ierapetra, Crete 722 00 Greece
Contact: +30 2842 090190

Where to Eat in & Near Makrigialos

From healthy green salads, juicy burgers, to fragrant kebabs and cocktails, Makrigialos has something for every taste bud. But when it comes to where to eat in Makrigialos, here are some of the best places you need to add to your bucket list:


A restaurant that’s famous for it’s freshly grilled seafood, stunning sea views, and cozy ambiance, Gusto is where you want to go if you are looking for a place that will soothe your eyes and stomach. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, this locally-owned restaurant offers fresh homemade food along with first-rate services at affordable prices.

Address: Makry-Gialos, Crete Greece
Contact: +30 698 420 2892

Olympio Cafe

Another restaurant located by the beach, Olympio Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that offers freshly made meals from the sea. They serve all sorts of seafood, including octopus and calamari as well as salads with an array of delicious dressings. The service here is deemed good and you know your food will be fresh and affordable, which makes Olympio Cafe a must-try.

Address: Limanaki, Makry-Gialos, Crete 720 55 Greece
Contact: +30 2843 052135


If you’ve got more money in your pockets and in the mood to spoil yourself with Mediterranean cuisine, head over to Diaskari. With a 4.5-star rating, this restaurant is no doubt one of the best places in Makrigialos. Not only do they serve flavorful home-cooked meals, they also have a wide selection of beverages that you might want to check out.

Address: Diaskari Beach, Makry-Gialos, Crete
Contact: +30 694 431 8803

Koufonissi beach near Sitia

Explore Makrigialos

This remote and unspoiled part of Crete is perfect for exploring by car. The drives are beautiful, and there are many things to do within a short distance. Come and explore this special corner of Crete.

Elevated beach view in Makri Gialos