During your vacation to Crete, it is always recommended that you hire a car to travel around the city with ease. Most of the leading car rental service providers in Crete offer free-pickup service to their clients from Crete airport to the hotel where they stay. This is not the only reason for you to hire a car from Crete Airport but there are several other benefits you can enjoy.

The other benefits of renting a car from Crete airport are:
•     You will be free to explore Crete, the way you want.
•     Need not follow the beaten track approach and can enjoy discovering the island straight from the airport
•     You can spend more time at places you have more interest in like say a shopping mall on your way to  the hotel.
•     You can reach places far from the city, even like the beaches or nearby cities from the airport.
•     An additional driver will be offered for absolutely free of cost even for a self-driving car based on client requirements.
       Renting a car, many times, would more affordable than hiring a taxi. So on your next trip to Crete, make up your mind to rent a car. You can pre-book your rental car in Crete by visiting the website of
trusted car rental agencies in Crete online at affordable rates.