Moving around a new city in a private car with just your family in it is much better than travelling in a bus with a large number of folks. Car renting is a child’s play these days as you can hire the cars even using the service provider’s website. Right from budget automobile brands such as Fiat, Toyota to ultra-luxury automobile companies such as Lexus, Nissan etc., these car rental service providers have it all, for you.

The best advantage of this is that they are very economical, and irrespective of the number of family members travelling with you, there are a lot of options open for you. For example, if you are travelling with eight more friends or family members, you can hire a nine-seater van such as Hyundai H1, Volkswagen Transporter etc. On the other hand, if you are travelling individually, you can try compact cars such as Nissan Micra, Fiat Panda, Suzuki Swift etc. Crete Island is filled with many car rental service providers and few of them are exceptionally good, which have almost all popular cars, out of which, some are listed above. Touring around Crete Island in a private car can take it to a completely new level, as it would give you more privacy and time independent.